Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Hard Truth

If you're an aspiring author, let me tell you a hard truth. There will always be people who don't like your work. It won't matter how well written it is. How well edited it is. It won't matter if you're using a well established and popular trope, or writing a ground breaking and highly original story, or a new twist on an old theme. Someone will not like it.

Does that mean you should let it drag you down and quit writing? No. Never. If you're consistently getting the same criticisms from people you trust and/or who have experience/qualifications that back up their opinions, then maybe they have a point. But if it's a case of they simply don't like your style, theme, ending, genre, the fact that your hero is called Brian...okay, maybe that last is an exaggeration...then just accept it. Move on. Everyone is different and everyone has, and is entitled to, their own opinion. I can guarantee that if you look up reviews for your most favourite book in the world, there will be negative ones. It could be a best selling, award winning novel, and STILL get bad reviews. It happens.

I've learned just lately that I have a preference for an unconventional ending, which I dare say will earn me negative feedback - in fact it has. While I'm genuinely sorry to have upset anyone, I accept that it's going to happen. Terms & Conditions Apply, for example has shall I put it?...non-traditional HEA for a romance - or for any kind of genre really. My editor noted that fact to me in the final rounds. I accepted I might well get a lot of flack for it, but that was how the story had panned out (maybe being a pantser is partly responsible) so I'm prepared for it. Just recently I also found a review on my free scifi short - The Bones of the Sea - which said they would have preferred a different ending. I'm not offended by that - in fact I'm pleased. It was deliberately controversial, to make the reader question what they might do in that situation.

And ironically, wanting a different ending to those in my favourite books, where I couldn't bear to leave the characters, is just one reason I took up a pen and started to write myself. :)

Have you ever read a book where you were so unhappy with the ending you've wanted to rewrite the story?

Pippa's Journal

This was going to be a quick one this week as I received edits for Gethyon on Thursday! Woo hoo! However, the edits are already complete and in, and I now won't see my MS until the ARC version comes in for approval. So you won't have to watch me angsting on Twitter and Facebook over them. Instead, it's back to preparing Tethered for submission, completing my scifi short Flaming Angel for an anthology call, and deciding which WIP on my pile I want to complete next. Phew!


I have the very lovely Jessica E Subject visiting my blog here from tomorrow for the release of her new military scifi release, Made for Her.

Keir is up for the vote in the You Gotta Read cover contest, and was sitting at second place last time I looked. Please stop by here and give him you vote!  (psssst, he's number 14. Show a hot guy with tatts some love!)

On the 27th, the very last ever Six Sentence Sunday will take place. Boo! On the slightly brighter side, I'll be opening the inlinkz sign up for the SFR Brigade version on the 28th. You can find a post on the guidelines at the main SFR Brigade blog here. The sign up will be open from Monday to Friday BUT is limited to the first 20 people who sign up. Because we're allowing longer snippets, we have to restrict numbers, otherwise it becomes a long process for those following and reading. You can also check out an example of how your post should look on my blog here. This is mainly just an idea for those who haven't participated in events like SSS.

And now excuse me while I get back to work. ;)


Barbara Elsborg said...

Well, I just go with the ending the writer gives me and assume there was a good reason for ending it that way - if it was an ending I didn't really like. I can't think of many books where I've really rolled my eyes at the end. BUT it does have a negative impact on my willingness to buy another, if I really didn't like what they'd done. In romance it has to be HEA for me. I don't even like the idea of a second or third book before the H or h will get together forever. It just prolongs it too much for me. I prefer stand alones.

Heather Massey said...

So I recently finished Terms & Conditions Apply. I'm scratching my head over why some might consider its HEA unconventional. IMHO it's squarely within SFR genre conventions.

I suppose compared to other romance subgenres, SFR is filled with unconventional HEAs. But that's what I love about it!