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About AI - News from the Artificial Intelligence community.

Cosmic Log - NBCNews Science on a variety of topics.

Cosmos Magazine

Discovery News - News on a variety of science topics.

Forms of Government - Wikipedia resource on government structure.

HubbleSite - Hubble space telescope news and galleries.

io9 - Articles on all things SF.

iMDB - Internet Movie Database

MIT Technology Review

Live Science - News and articles on a variety of science topics.

NASA - News and features.

NewScientist - Space and other many areas of research.

PhysOrg - Articles and breaking news on a wide variety of science topics.

Popular Science

Quantum Levitation - Superconductivity through quantum levitation.

Relativity - Einstein's theories and how an anti-matter drive might work.

ScienceDaily - Explores a wide range of science topics and news.

Scientific American - Wide variety of topics and news.

Science Magazine

Sea and Sky - Exploring the splendor of the sea and wonders of the universe.

SETI Institute - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SpaceRef - News, articles and breakthroughs on all things space.

Space Slideshows - NBC news slideshows of images.

Spaceport America - News from the world's first commercial spaceport.

Tau Zero Foundation - Pioneering interstellar flight.

The Planetary Society

US Military Enlisted Ranks - Guide to rank and insignia across branches.

US Military Officers Ranks - Guide to rank and insignia across branches.


About Archaeology - archaeology reference.

Ancient Empires - The top 8 unknown ancient empires.

Pyramids - Nova page on Pyramid structure and details.


Astronomy - Information about the universe.

Atlas of the Universe - What the universe actually looks like.

How Far Away From Earth Will Humans Travel? *NEW!*

Moons and Dwarf Planets in our Solar System - A Wikipedia article *NEW!*

Solar System Exploration - NASA details about our own solar system.

Solar System Viewer - Animated applets display of solar system orbits.

WikiSky.Org - Space images, information and articles.


Atomic Rockets - Realistic ship design, Avatar ship design and others.

Relativity and Starship Design - Einstein's theories and anti-matter drive.

Rocket Science - A look at real rocket and space vehicle design.

Ship Dimensions - Sci-Fi vs. Real Life ship dimensions.

Starship Dimensions - Comparative size of popular starship designs.

Starships in Art, Science, Literature - a look at the visual design of starships.

Star Trek Blueprints - Blue prints for the ships in the Star Trek franchise.

Treknology - Journal of applied Treknology.

Unmuseum Starship Design - More practical ship designs.

Vessels of Star Fleet - A look at the ships from the Star Trek franchise.

Atomic Rockets: Delta V and Other Subjects - Discussion of ship range capabilities. *NEW!*


Big Stock Photo


Public Domain - non-copyrighted images for blogs  - legal use stock images



The Science of Star Wars


Andromeda: A Trillion Stars Coming at You (Laurie A. Green, Mar 2012) *NEW!*

What's Past is Prologue? (How old is civilization? - Laurie A. Green, Nov 2014) *NEW!*


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