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(Listed alphabetically by author)

Sharon Lynn Fisher
  • Finalist 2013 RWA RITA Award
  • Finalist 2011 RWA Golden Heart Award
  • Finalist 2010 RWA Golden Heart Award
  • Finalist 2009 RW Golden Heart Award
  • First Place 2009 On The Far Side Award (RWA FF&P Chapter)
  • Two-time 2013 SFR Galaxy Awards Winner

Donna S. Frelick
  • Double Finalist 2012 RWA Golden Heart®
  • 2016 SFR Galaxy Award Fools Rush In

Laurie A Green
  • Finalist 2012 RWA Golden Heart®
  • Double Finalist 2011 RWA Golden Heart®
  • 2009 SouthWest Writers Annual Contest
  • 2009 Utah RWA Heart of the West Contest
  • 2010 Utah RWA Heart of the West Contest
  • 2010 Central Ohio RWA Ignite the Flame Contest
  • 2010 Lilac City Rochester 1st and Ten
  • 2011 Connecticut RWA The Write Stuff
  • 2013 Launching a Star Contest

Pippa Jay

Greta van der Rol

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