Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1908 Tunguska Impact Crater Located?

In June of 1908, something exploded in Siberia, devastating everything for nearly 800 square miles. The cause has remained a mystery.

Has the site of a possible impact crater now been located?

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  1. Heh, you know, the real cause of the explosion was us over at the Toasted Scimitar altering the space time continuum with back posting--the effect went back in time, which resulted in…

    Ug, my head hurts now. :P



  2. Yup, messing with the space-time continuum will give ya a migraine every time. Not to mention a global catastrophe. We need to be more careful with our world-domination plotting over on Toasted Scimitar. (Yeah, right! heh.) :)


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