Tuesday, January 8, 2008

*Star Trek Computer Voice* Working...

Yes, working....

Still working on the final draft of my Sci-Fi-Rom, although I have made wonderful progress on my query letter and synopsis. Writing is a long process. Sometimes it hedges into geophysical time. This is my P2PC eon. Or is it a mere epoch?

Progress: The twists I added to the conclusion have met my critter's approval with flying colors. Ahhh, vindication. The tie-in to the previous story line was well-received. Although I was biting my nails that the twist in the final pages took the story too deep into the shades of darkness, it appeared to do the exact thing it was engineered to do--ramp up tension in the climax. My scheming appears to have worked well. Yea! :)

Why do I always talk of P2PC in vague terms? I don't want to give away some of the secrets of what may be future surprises for my readers. Unlike published authors, especially those writing series or sequels, my work isn't out there in published format for the world to see so the characters are unknown entities and this universe waits to be explored. When (*thinking positive thoughts*) P2PC is published, I'll have tons of cutting room material, character and elements to discuss (if my publisher says it's okay, of course).

Meanwhile, the unveiling must wait. (And it's difficult finding a tarp large enough to cover half a galaxy, let me tell ya.) :)

I'll be back soon with another update.


  1. Ah, with the exception of a privileged few, the world will have to wait, and if they knew what they were missing...
    Speaking as one of the few that have read it through, I have to post my two cents worth. P2PC is fantastic. As far as too dark...
    No, just the right mix to make this story jump off the page. And it does. It has fantasic action scenes, some of the best I've read. The tech is super, the world building fantastic. The thought that went into the fine details, the politics is amazing.
    This is a story that will be talked about for a long time.
    Hats off to you Laurie.

  2. *pays Dawn in small bills under the table*

    Seriously, thank-you, Dawn, for your glowing endorsement. :)

    I know it's just a matter of time until you're on the verge of marketing one of your wonderful novels, too (or more like six at once, at the rate you kick them out). LOL

  3. Yes, but can she get them cleaned up? LOL
    *Holds twenties up and examines watermarks*


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