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Friday, July 25, 2008


I've started reading THE MIRRORED HEAVENS by David J. Williams, and although it isn't technically SciFiRom, it's good, imaginative science fiction with fascinating characters and credible world building. There's a hint that a romance might be involved, but I'll see how that develops.

The story is written in first person, present tense which gives the action an immediate as-it's-happening feel. I found the style a bit choppy at first, with a lot of sentence fragments and quite a few repetitious words, but once I got settled into the story and accustomed to the rhythm, I liked the lightning pace and stream-of-consciousness thoughts of the characters.

One thing I love is the how the story is told from three main POVs and each characters has their own icon that marks the beginning of any paragraph where they're the central figure. I appreciate not having to puzzle over whose eyes I'm looking through each time there's a POV shift, which is constant. I also enjoy the short, action-packed scenes.

Not quite a quarter of the way in, there's a lot of action and reaction, covert operations, terrorists, spaceships, a space elevator, really cool techie equipment and a cyber-guru who's called a "razor." Unless this one goes seriously awry deeper into the story (which I doubt) expect a full crit in the future.

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