Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Almost Back...

Just a couple more days and I should be back to regular posts. Meanwhile, I just wanted to pop in for a bit to talk about the Olympics. What a show they put on this year, from the spectacular opening ceremonies to some truly historical sports records. I certainly miss them now that they've over. What a let down to have politics replace the drama of athletic competition on evening TV. :(

With work being so busy and mentally exhausting, I loved being able to come home and veg a bit watching the events before I called it a night. Wasn't Michael Phelps awesome? And "Lightning" Bolt, the Jamaican runner? And the female USA beach volley ball team. Well, the men's too. And basketball. And gymnastics. Diving. The decathalon. The female marathon. (I didn't see the mens.) Even the sights of Beijing. It was non-stop fun and excitement. China certainly outdid themselves as hosts, IMHO. I was thoroughly impressed with their organization, production and the attitude of the Chinese people toward their Olympic guests. I have a feeling this may have been one for the ages. I know I won't forget it.


  1. I enjoyed it too, Laurie. Particularly as the UK did really well for a change. Made me wish I was good at a sport though I'm not sure my nerves would stand the competitiveness. I felt so sorry for the shooting guy who'd messed up in the last Olympics with his last shot and did the same this time, though he'd met his wife to be in the last so he said it was worth it.

  2. That is sad, Barbara, to have it happen two Olympics in a row. Sometimes we forget with all those gold medal moments, there are a lot of dreams that don't happen, too. I think just getting there would be a triumph in itself. It must be an incredible experience.


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