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Thursday, January 1, 2009

USS New Mexico Christened

On December 13, 2008, the USS New Mexico (the latest Virginia class fast attack nuclear submarine) was christened at the Northrop Grumman shipyard in Virginia Beach.

New Mexico SSN-779 was adopted by Spacefreighters Lounge as a research subject earlier this year.

A slide show of the event can be seen here. The entire submarine was brought indoors for the December christening--a rare occurrence.

The next event for the sub will be the commissioning ceremony to be held in 2009 after which she will enter service.


  1. Wow--can you imagine the work to get that sucker inside?? Happy 2009!

  2. Angela, I'll try to remember to ask about this, but I believe this is one of the facilities where New Mexico is being constructed so she may have already been in place.

    Still, how impressive to see a vessel that displaces almost 8000 tons in its entirity!


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