Saturday, November 7, 2009

Getting Art: The Unveiling!

If you've been following this blog, you know I've been working with cover artist Kanaxa (aka SFR author Nathalie Gray) on developing artwork for promotional purposes for my unsold novel P2PC.

Nathalie and I have worked through the process via email discussing ideas, concepts, colors, characters and potential layouts for the cover, but ultimately I left the final decisions up to Kanaxa.

Now it's finally time for the unveiling of the P2PC cover art.  Ready?

*whips off the white sheet*


  1. awesome, Laurie. It's not a cover you'd easily foget, just like the words between it. Congrats.

  2. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Arlene. Glad you like it. :)

  3. Well I love the colour, the actual pose of the three, the ship and the guy is cool but I have to admit - the clothes threw me. Not what I'd imagined they'd be wearing.

  4. Thanks, Dawn and Barbara. Yes, the outfits didn't translate as well and look quite a bit like present day.

  5. Love it! The people actually look like real people. And the SHIP!!

  6. A damn fine cover! The images blend pretty seamlessly which to me personally is very important. Nothing takes me out of a cover faster than when it's obvious the lighting is different for each image.

    I, too, was a little thrown by the contemporary clothing, but it's a minor point.

  7. Thanks for taking a look, Donna and Heather. I appreciate your thoughts and comments. :)


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