Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Blog Tour

A recap of some of the best/most entertaining/most educational posts of the previous few days from our favorite martians fellow bloggers listed on our blogroll:

Save Money! Save Trees!  No ARCs!  from agent Kristin Nelson's Pub Rants blog

An Author's Six Rules for Better Readings is a repost on author Lisa Shearin's blog about do's and don'ts of effective author presentation written by Chuck Thompson.  Great advice for anyone contemplating (i.e. dreading) live presentations.

To Query of Not?  That is the Question is "down under" writer Natalie Hatch's humorous take on a topic my co-bloggers and I have been focusing on (and obsessing over?) for the last couple of weeks.  Thank you, Natalie.  We relate.

10 Steps to Making Science Fiction Romance a Contender is an exciting and thought-provoking article brought to you by "SFR Central," the Galaxy Express.  Pay special attention to items #7 & #6 (in count down order).  You may be hearing more from Spacefreighters soon on these items.  (teaser, teaser!)

Alien Romances blog (Rowena Cherry) brings you a very! brief, very entertaining take on Unthinkable Solutions to Today's Problems, taking on the subject of the airline full body scanner controversy.  Ah!  I needed a laugh. 

And finally, io9's Screwtopia.  Yeah, well, you just have to read their take on erotic dystopia.

Spotlight of the Week: 
Susan Kearney's JORDAN  03-01-10 
An alternate history Legend of King Arthur with intergalactic stakes (Pendragon series).


  1. Oh that last sounds interesting. I wonder how similar it is to Angela Knight's series?? Well, not much new under the sun which is why Sci Fi romance can be so inventive. Any sun will do!
    Nice links, Laurie!

  2. Barbara, yes that intrigued me too. I haven't read the Knight series so I'm not sure if they're similar.


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