Friday, March 19, 2010

Websites Every Writer Should Know

Continuing with our Resource Week, author D. L. Jackson (LAST FLIGHT OF THE ARK, SLIPPING THE PAST) chimed in with these very helpful sites every writer should know.  Here's her list:
This is the Christian Author's Network, but they offer advice on how to market you books online. This is where I got the information to make my own book trailer.
This is great if you're trying to intepret what your teenager is saying or you want to get a feel for slang words to incorporate into your novel, or make you own slang.
Reference of where to submit your work from publishers to zines.
One of the most-up-to-date sources for agent hunting.
This is a good site for authors looking for a publisist.
Problems with your blog or google? Here's how I fixed the problem with my blog. Uber helpful for tech problems and they have forums and advice articles.
Epic is an organization for E-published authors and the membership fees are decent, for people on a budget.

Thanks for the recommendations!  We'll add these to our sidebar, too.

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