Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Virginia teenager Bryan Thompson returned to school at Colonial Forge High School yesterday after serving out five days of his original ten-day suspension for running out onto the football field at half-time dressed as a banana.

Stafford County School Superintendent Randy Bridges overruled CFHS Principal Karen Spillman's disciplinary action for Thompson and several students at the school who had supported him by wearing yellow tee-shirts sporting "Free Banana Man" or "Free Speech" logos. As long as Thompson obeys school rules, the remaining five days of his suspension will be dropped and Spillman's threat of a year-long suspension can be dismissed as an empty one.

The Banana Man's return to school was uneventful, according to reports in the local newspaper, the FREE LANCE STAR. Apparently Thompson has vowed to behave himself, and he has had his 15 minutes of high school fame. I'm sure his mother and the school system's lawyers are all breathing huge sighs of relief.

Cheers, Donna

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  1. Yes, victory!! *chants* Banana! Banana!

    Hope the principal got a good slap upside the head from the School Superintendent, too. :)

    (Grats on the sales!)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse


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