Monday, April 30, 2012

A Final Mission; A First Launch

A Final Mission

David was one of the lucky visitors to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. last weekend when a newly acquired arrival, space shuttle Discovery, was on display as the new ambassador for an historic era of space travel.

I wanted to share a few of the photos of the great ship in her new home. Godspeed, Discovery, in your final mission.

And here's a very special tribute from her last voyage...

Every mission has to have a beginning, and here at Spacefreighters Lounge we're very proud to celebrate...

A First Launch!

The co-bloggers here at Spacefreighters Lounge
would like to congratulate debut author 
Pippa Jay
on her upcoming Science Fiction Romance release
Coming May 7th from Lyrical Press

KEIR is going to be ushered in with one lively celebration!
Here's a preview of the festivities:

Keir Blog Tour

Prizes - At most of these I will be giving away an ebook copy of Keir. A $10 Amazon Gift Card will be up as a prize on the rest, with a special swag bag up for grabs here on release day. :)

(Here's a quick run down of all the stops, but jump over to Pippa Jay's Blog for complete information and all the links.)

Tour dates and places

May 1st-14th
1st - guest post on Writing Demons into Science Fiction with
Chantal Halpin
2nd - guest post on Casting Keir with
Lauri Owen and interview on the TBR blog
3rd- guest post on Tattoos at
Kerrianne Coombes blog
4th - guest post on Time-Travel with
Gayle Ramage
5th -
Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday
6th -
Six Sentence Sunday
7th - official release day on this blog and announcement on
SFR Brigade blog.
8th - interview up at
The Galaxy Express and guest post on Naming Keir at Layna Pimentel's blog.
9th - guest post on why Keir is oh so blue on the
Spacefreighters Lounge (you are here!) and guest post on Falling into SFR at Backward Momentum
10th - guest post with
Misa Buckley on Doctor Who
11th - guest posts with
Kaye Manro on Science Fiction with a Medieval Twist and Laurel Kriegler on the Origins of Quin
12th -
Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday
13th -
Six Sentence Sunday
14th - guest post with
Liana Brooks on Red Hair and an interview with Jessica Subject
15th - The draw will take place for all the prizes offered on the tour and winners will be notified.


  1. It's sad that the space shuttle journeys have come to an end, and I wish I could get to see one of them.

    And thanks so much for the huge shout out, Laurie. A big thank you to my co-bloggers for their support, and here's to many more launches!

  2. I have to wipe a tear or two. I watched a Discovery launch in person several years ago. One item on my bucket list, pretty close to the top one. It was the most incredible three minutes of my life.

    Congrats, Pippa! May Keir be a bestseller.

  3. Fantastic pics! I was glad I was lucky enough to see a few launches from a few miles away!
    Counting down for you now too, Pippa!! Hope it's a blast!

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  5. Thanks, Barbara, the tour's been great so far. :)


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