Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pippa's Journal - 7/18/12

With my co-bloggers at Anaheim, I'm trying to keep Spacefeighters Lounge active so bear with me. I may ramble!

This week I've been working on setting up a website. I love my Blogger site (I also have a Wordpress one, but I've struggled to work with it) but with one book out and hopes of adding some 'Coming Soon' titles, I decided the time had come to boldly take that final step. The Blogger site will still be my main point of contact and general workhorse, but the website should make it easier for readers to find out about my book(s) and ways to contact me, should they wish too. I have to admit I'd been putting it off as something too expensive and complicated to be justified at the time. I've been pleasantly surprised to find I was wrong on both counts! There are three simple steps, but I'll blog about those once the site is up so you can take a look for comparison. I'll be announcing the launch of the website as soon as I feel brave enough to upload it to a host, but in the meantime here's a sneak preview of my new banner, courtesy of the talented Misa Buckley.

And an update on the forthcoming print version of Keir. While randomly checking that the buttons and links on my new website design were working, I discovered that Barnes & Noble already have it available for pre-order here. Squeee! I'm stunned. If you're interested in a print copy, I recommend trying to pre-order - the price they're quoting is less than I think it's due to be sold at. It's also stating a release date for print of the 28th October, so I'm going to plan a mini-tour or event for then to celebrate. A Halloween special perhaps.

There was also the arrival of another shiny thing to my inbox first thing Monday, just the boost I needed after a disturbed night with my youngest and a difficult meeting with my daughter's school upcoming. But I'm keeping that under my hat for now. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

After reading an article by Greta van der Rol on the use of body language here I was tempted to check out the book she quoted - The Definitive Book of Body Language. I haven't invested in a copy yet - it's quite expensive - but this is the kind of thing that's so helpful to an author to 'show' instead of 'tell'. Does anyone have any similar recommendations?
Also if you struggle with commas (my editor and one of my crit partners frequently cull them from my manuscripts) here's a blog post with a very brief but concise guide on their usage at Rainy of the Dark.

Silver Publishing have just announced a new division - Silver Stream Press - offering "mainstream romance and fiction. These general audience stories offer content commonly found in traditional bookstores—romance, action, thriller, suspense and so much more while excluding explicit sexual or graphic content. Additionally, this division of our publishing umbrella offers Young Adult fiction. Although these stories are enjoyed by all age ranges, their content is tailored with teenage readers in mind." They're currently accepting submissions, and you can check out their guidelines here.

Ping Pong
If you take a look to the right hand side of the blog, you will see the shiny new badge that will take you to the Firebirds website. I hope Sharon, Donna and Laurie are having a blast there!


  1. Fingers crossed indeed, Pippa. NO more of those school visits for me - never an issue with daughter but son - oh dear....

  2. Pippa, thanks so much for holding down the, spacestation, while Donna, Sharon and I are away. You're keeping the home hologen burning bright.

    Love, love, LUV your new banner! It's absolutely stunning.

    And with an October 28th release date on the print version of Keir, we're going to be very busy around here, since Sharon's Ghost Planet launches two days later. Sounds like a Halloween Book Release Party extraordinaire is on the scanner. :)

    See you next week!

  3. @Barbara, thanks. Everything seems to have been resolved at the school - we'll see how next term goes.
    @Laurie - lol, it's a bit weird posting here alone. :P Thanks re the banner. I still haven't got the website up as I keep debating what to add.
    And the last thing I want to do is jump in on Sharon's debut release. I HAD thought about a Halloween/Samhain SFR Brigade blog hop, but it might get too complicated and hectic. I do think one before we hit the pre-Christmas one would be good, but coordinating one might be tricky.


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