Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pippa's Journal - October 2012


For a combination of reasons, I've spent the last few weeks since the summer desperately trying to catch up. Summer holidays with three kids just kills my writing and internet time. But despite them going back to school, and my youngest starting full time school, I still felt like I was flailing. I couldn't get back into the whole social media groove, although I was getting editing and writing done.

So last week I went dark, even going silent on my beloved Twitter for a few days. I had some major projects still outstanding, a heap of real life stuff and, to cap that all, a mysterious health issue that is still ongoing. :(

But I have made good progress. Although I'm not back to blogging as much as I feel I should, I have things set up going into the New Year. The main edit on Keir's Fall is done! Yay! My issues with this story are finally resolved, and I've set myself a target for submission by the end of this month. That should mean I'll know if it's a yay or a nay by January. January is also the deadline for the content edits on Gethyon, which I've yet to receive. I'm actually quite excited to see what I get there, which probably sounds quite mad. But edits do give you an idea on whether your writing has improved and if there are areas you still need to work on in general. The second pass on edits for Terms & Conditions Apply have come back from my editor, but I'm letting them sit for a few days. I'm still on track for a November release with that one.

As for the health issue...I have a hospital appointment on the 6th. It'll be an interesting experience, but one that I'd rather do without. O.o


On my blog - I have an interview and giveaway with super sparky, multi-published author Diane Dooley on the release of her latest sfr title Blue Nebula. Come and find out why she'd use the ability to time travel and what she'd get up to with it here! O.o

There's also still time to enter the necklace giveaway by sfr author Aubrie Dionne here. So shiny!

Elsewhere - Heather Massey has the latest hot of the press SFR releases listed up at The Galaxy Express - check them out and let her know of any others here.

The SFR Brigade anthology is on! After discussions in the Facebook group, it's been decided to put together a free compilation of science fiction romance shorts to help showcase and promote the genre. If you're a member interested in submitting, you can check out the submission details and guidelines here. Not a member but write sfr? There's details on how to join too.

The Harper Voyager submission call is open! In case you've missed this, Harper Voyager are looking for unsolicited, unagented submissions of speculative fiction, 70K words up. Check out the call here.

The blog tour for Spacefreighter co-blogger Sharon Lynn Fisher's Ghost Planet kicks off tomorrow! Check out the schedule here!

Free Reads - Silver Publishing have 30 free reads listed on their site to introduce you to their authors. These aren't all sfr, but worth checking out here if you're on the hunt for something new - or just want to top up your e-reader for free.

That's it from me for now. Diane Dooley will be back on Spacefreighters Lounge with a guest post and giveaway on the 17th October, and Ghost Planet releases on the 30th. Woo hoo!


  1. Congrats on wrapping Keir's Fall. Must be a great feeling.

    Tell me more about Terms & Conditions Apply. Is that a short?

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. Thanks, Laurie. It's such a relief to get Keir's Fall into shape. Certain things just weren't working. Yep, Terms & Conditions Apply is a short I wrote for an anthology call last year. Unfortunately the anthology never went ahead, but I was given permission to use the premise for it. The story is set on a space station - Venus Ascendant - run by an AI intent on making the romantic dreams of her visitors come true. My female MC is dumped there by her boyfriend, so the AI has to create something extra special. :)
    And thank you. Can't wait to get Saturday out the way.

  3. I think if your writing and editing was going and social media was falling behind, you actually were ahead of the game! :)

    I'm sorry to hear about the hospital appointment, and sure hope your health issue sorts out soon.

  4. I have to say I don't miss the social media side too much. Writing was always the important part, and promotion an unfortunate requisite to being published. But feeling I have a responsibility to my publisher means I don't want to drop too far out of sight. However, the best promotion is apparently more titles, so at least I'm getting somewhere with that.
    And thanks. This time tomorrow it'll be over and maybe I'll have some answers. Hopefully good ones.


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