Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SFR Brigade Unveils Cover Art for Upcoming Anthology

The SFR Brigade community of Science Fiction Romance writers and authors is in the process of developing an anthology of SFR stories for an upcoming summer release--Tales from the SFR Brigade.

As part of the process, the community put together a team to recruit cover art submissions and select just two designs to go to the overall membership for a vote. Today we're revealing the final product.

So, with no further fanfare... *whips off the veil*

The goal of the anthology is to promote quality works of SFR and to entice new readers to sample the subgenre.  The anthology will be offered for free. 

We're proud that the Spacefreighters Lounge blog partnership had quite a bit of involvement in the anthology. One of Pippa Jay's short stories--"Imprint"--was accepted for inclusion, and Laurie A. Green worked behind the scenes as a coordinator and editor for the project.

Of the anthology, Laurie says, "I'm very excited about the anthology and its potential to introduce the Science Fiction Romance universe to a multitude of new fans. There are nine exciting stories by nine different SFR authors, some very well known in the subgenre and others who are emerging as talented new voices. The stories include near future, apocalyptic, space opera, Earth-based and alien romance, and have it all--adventure, mystery, suspense, high stakes, and of course, romance! You might even be surprised to discover a couple of favorite SFR characters among the cast."

As time draws near for the launch of Tales of the SFR Brigade, we'll announce it here.

Cover art designed by Melody Simmons of Ebook Indie Covers. Special thanks to Melody for her expertise with the final design.

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