Friday, September 13, 2013

Message to Voyager You Really Should See

It took Voyager 1 36 years to travel the 11 billion miles to the edge of our solar system, yet it only takes about 17 hours for radio signals to reach Earth. Voyager 1 has far outlived it's expected life span and continues to reveal secrets about the very nature of outer space.

The above video honors the amazing accomplishment of Voyager 1's crossing into interstellar space in the words of some famous scientists and celebrities.

At the end of the video, you're invited to tweet your own message or well wishes to Voyager 1, using @NASAVoyager and hashtag #MessagetoVoyager.

If you're a member of the SFR Brigade or Fan Page, show your affiliation by adding the #SFRBrigade hashtag to your tweet.

Godspeed on your continued long journey, Voyager 1.

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