Thursday, December 15, 2016

It's nearly Rogue One time

Yes, I'm very excited about this movie. Did you realize I'm a Star Wars tragic? All reports coming in from the lucky elite who got to see an early release (no reviews allowed) indicate the film is every bit as good as the trailers lead one to believe. Rogue One is being compared to The Empire Strikes Back, universally acknowledged as the best of the franchise. This movie will be dark - it's said that it's darker than TESB. Bring it on, I say. There are so many more stories in the Star Wars universe than the Skywalker thread.

I'm so excited that, although I don't like movie theaters, I might go and see it. But not in the first week or two. I'm not good with crowds. However, stay tuned next week when two of my Spacefreighter colleagues will have actually seen the movie. So jealous.

In other news the first draft of The Stuff of Legend is nearly finished. Now comes the fun part - editing. Yes, I really mean that. I prefer to edit than write. The idea is there, I just need to polish the words. I'm hoping to get it out there in late Feb - early March.

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  1. Though I love the Skywalker saga--yes, this is a big universe and there's room for so many great stories! I'm so excited to it! Just a few more hours now.


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