Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Revisiting Revived #amediting #scifi #romance

Despite my intention to give up this publishing lark, I've had cause to go back to some of my work. I've three stories with edits paid for, one with a cover and another eligible for one, so it seems a bit stupid to leave them languishing on my laptop when they could be out and possibly adding a few cents to my monthly income while I'm still job hunting. At least, that's my theory...
So I've dredged out Revived, my LERA Rebecca finalist and the long overdue second installment in the Venus Ascendant universe. Mainly because I think it might be the easiest to get done.
There are pros and cons to returning to a work after a long absence (a staggering 10 months later. Where did the time go?!). I can see it with fresh and more objective eyes. I'm not sick of the sight of it. But I've also forgotten details and it can be hard to spot where and what bits of the edits I did tackle before putting it aside abandoning it. Is it even the correct version?! What did I actually mean when I wrote that line however long ago? And the more persistent, is this actually any good?
I know there's a rather intense criticism with the overall theme in notes at the very end, but for now I'm just working through it from the start. And I'm still flummoxed for a title. But maybe I will publish something this year...

Status Update
Keir's Shadow is crawling toward the 85K mark. I've no idea how much more I might need to add before I can even think about editing it back down, but there's every chance that this one could end up over the 100K mark along with book one. Overall, Revived has just lost 160 words in edits. :P
What could it be?!
With my super secret project packed and about to head off to its recipient (ah, that awesome sense of a mission accomplished!), I'm back to the Tauriel cosplay, which currently involves fletching some arrows, trying to find some forest green fabric of the appropriate type, and some complicated stitchwork on the belt and gauntlets. As always, details will be posted to my Tumblr blog...when something is completed.

Chook Update
The girls are now getting more garden time but no new pictures this week (sorry!) as we've been clipping their claws and removing mud balls from their feet feathers (a common problem with Pekins). I'll make sure I have some for next time. Have a picture of our pond and the first frogspawn of the year instead.

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