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Intergalactic Romance Free SFR Book Promotion

I'm still on writing hiatus, but wanted to do a quick post today to let you know that Farewell Andromeda is available via Instafreebie (yes, for free), as a part of a fun promotion with eleven other Sci-Fi Romances this week!

Fellow co-blogger Pippa Jay also has a book in this promotion, so be sure to check out Quick Shot, as well as all the other SFR offerings including books by my peers Pauline Baird Jones (Tangled in Time) and Cara Bristol (Stranded with a Cyborg).

What a great time to grab a book by a new-to-you author or a new story by an author you already love!

Intergalactic Romance Instafreebie
Just click the link above to go to the landing page for all the offered books.

More about Farewell Andromeda
Fresh off a painful jilting, the last thing deep space pilot Tiharra Bell needs is another romantic entanglement. Certainly not with the galaxy’s most famous astronomer--who also happens to be single, inconveniently handsome, and a resident of the remote Andromeda Station.

But Tiharra soon discovers two terrible truths about Dr. Dante “Donner” Dane:

1) he’s not the man he appears to be, and

2) he doesn’t have long to live.

Before her fourteen day layover is complete, she’ll put her life and career on the line to protect his heartbreaking secret.

What reviewers have said:

"OMG! This was a genuine gem! Well-written, and a treat to read. To me, the writing was flawless, and I loved the H/h. I'm definitely going to be reading the rest of the series. 5 huge supernova stars!"
--Five star Amazon review by "Mo," April 13, 2017

"I started reading this out of curiosity, and soon couldn't put it down."
--Five star Amazon review by Lisa Pugh, November 6, 2016

"This was a quick read, but it will remain with me for a lot longer. I loved the twists and turns...This is a highly recommended read!"
--Five star Amazon review by "Sol2Sombra," May 3, 2015

My Update

Co-blogger Donna S. Frelick attended the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention this past week, and I'm so excited to hear about all the fun, news, and adventures. Keep your eye out for Donna's upcoming blog on Friday.

My "break from writing" is going well. I've started on my office and general house reorganizing (aka "utter chaos") with carpet cleaning throughout, and meanwhile had a number of new ideas pop into my head (aka "it's working!") for stories and manuscripts.

Meanwhile, the news about Courting Disaster: StarDog2 coming in the October as part of Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 collection was unveiled last week here and on my web site. Click the title above to read the details.

I'm pretty excited about this one. There will be a lot more information to follow, but here's the teaser for my story:

What happened after Operation Reset and the fall of the Ithian Alliance? Two of the characters from Inherit the Stars are about to find out when they set a collision course with disaster.

In other news--horse update! A few weeks back I broke a story on this blog about a big win by a Thoroughbred colt we bred, Blazing Away, in the Winnie Vick Memorial at Sunland Park. (Sometimes You Win Big)

Statistically speaking, the odds were stacked against Zinger, as they are against every young Thoroughbred. Industry wide, only about 66% of Thoroughbreds ever make it into their first race, and of those, only about half ever win a race.

Recently, Blazing Away ("Zinger") was entered in another really tough race--against older, faster, more accomplished horses, at least one of which had already placed in a stakes race! (To give you an idea of the quality of the field, two of the horses were sired by Uncle Mo and Tale of Ekati, both who've had offspring qualify for the Kentucky Derby. And one horse was formerly trained by Bob Baffert.)

In addition to the stiff competition, it was Zinger's first start on a new track--SunRay Park--and he had a new jockey.

We were really concerned he was in way over his head, and our only wish was that he run a safe race (and please...don't come in last!), but Zinger once again did us proud, finishing second!

We're so proud of Zinger and so grateful for his accomplishments, we decided to have model portraits done of him and his dam, Blazing Bartok (who we still own). The artist, Sue Kern Thompson, agreed to let me share a few of her professional photos on social media, so here they are with the artist's watermark. Didn't she do an awesome job?

Blazing Bartok ("Blaze")

The real Blazing Bartok
Blazing Away ("Zinger")

The real Blazing Away ("Zinger") as a weanling

We're also going to have model portraits done of Soulful and Echo Eight, but it's been a little trickier to find a suitable base model for "Sofie." We're still working on that search, but I'll share photos of the completed project in a later blog.
So there's my news and updates for this Monday.
Hope you have a great week.



  1. Congrats, again, Zinger! Those portraits are something I haven't seen before - they remind me of the model horses I played with as a kid.

    1. Thanks, Sharon. The base models are indeed Breyers, so probably the same company as the models you had as a kid.

      I used to have hundreds when I was growing up, but sold them over the years and now have maybe a couple of very special ones remaining, plus a handful of custom artists' resins, custom remakes, special runs and those of my "horse heroes" like Black Caviar, Afleet Alex, American Pharoah and Valegro (reigning dual dressage champion).

      When we have the model portraits done of Soulful and Echo Eight--your novel's namesake--I'll post photos of those.

  2. Cool background! I loved those things - they looked so real. I passed my three favorites on to my daughter. Tried to share a photo but doesn't look like you can do that in comments.

    1. Workaround, lol:

  3. Awesome! Yes, those look like vintage Breyers. Did you know there are clubs that actually sponsor horseshows for model horses? The collectors hobby has gotten very sophisticated in the last decade or so. I just saw a rare "test" model--probably one of a kind--sell on eBay for $3,150 plus shipping!

    Not sure this link will work but this was the listing:

    1. So interesting! It's a whole thing I had no idea existed. (The link worked.) Even at prices like that, still more cost-effective than a real one, lol.

  4. LOL Yes! No feed, vet, farrier, transport, boarding or barn and fence costs and repairs. I was going to say no tack costs either, but found out that's not true. Custom made tack for these little buggers sell for almost as much as the real life versions!

  5. Oh wow. I love, love, LOVE the models. They are gorgeous. I had models in my younger day, but these are special, being your own horses.

  6. Aw, thanks Greta! We really love them. While we search for our Soulful and Echo base models, I'm having her work on another portrait of one of ours that wasn't a Thoroughbred. I'll share that one too, once its complete.


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