Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The End Is Nigh! #amAWOL

It's the final week before my monsters finish school for the next seven weeks. Well, technically eldest is already done as she's spending this week doing work experience with me, 12yo has gone on a four day adventure holiday with the school, and youngest actually finishes tomorrow. Eep! Where did this year go?!
So I'm going to finish with a few updates. I'll try to post the chicks' progress here at Spacefreighters, but I'll also have posts going live every Wednesday at my cosplay blog HERE and some reviews at Critique de Book. The easiest way to catch them all is to follow my Twitter feed @pippajaygreen
Talking of cosplay, I was reminded at the weekend of an event which gave me my major boost to do most costumes - Star Wars Celebration Europe. It's been a whole year since I went, having made my 12yo his Hux outfit and meeting up with fellow fangirl and Brigader Patty Hammond, without whom I probably wouldn't have gone.

I can't believe it's been a year. You can revisit some of my posts HERE, Rogue One focus HERE, and more random photos HERE. In the meantime, we'll be attending Nor-Con in October, although it's looking  like I won't have a new cosplay for it as time is running out and I've yet to complete 12yo's.

Status Update
I'll get the bad news out the way first - Keir's Shadow will definitely not be releasing this year. Instead I will focus on releasing Reunion and Unexpected, and possibly Revived, so at least something will come out this year.

Chook Update
On Thursday last week, just as Mot and Splash turned one week old, I discovered a lump on Lavender and had to take her/him to the vets (or as hubs put it, take it for a 'chick up'). >.< Fortunately it just turned out to be a cyst and no further treatment is necessary other than keeping an eye on it. Meanwhile the chicks continue to grow and their feathers are coming out more and more each day. As of last week, I can tell that Mot, Lemon and Cuckoo will definitely be frizzles - their feathers curve outwards to make them look adorably scruffy.

From front to back: Lemon, Mille, Splash, Cuckoo, Lavender and
Mot with Mama Effie.

What's over there?! Left to right: Lemon, Mille and Mot investigate.

Worshipping at the drinker. Left to right:
Cuckoo, Lavender, Mille, Lemon and Splash

See ya!

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