Thursday, June 28, 2018

It's back in the saddle with the Misfits

When your husband asks you when you're going to finish that book you know it's time to stop messing about with computer games, throw a leg over and get back in the saddle. When he added, "We need the money", I fell about laughing. There are more predictable ways of earning money than writing a book. But who knows? And anyway, it's better fun than being a checkout chick or such.

So it's back to the book for me.

It will follow more-or-less on from Romila's Rescue. Romila has gone off to build a new life for herself selling antiques in Mahanadi, where she may or may not carry on her relationship with archaeologist Sunil. Jirra and Prasad have an understanding despite their taboo relationship, as have Toreni and Alric for whom work comes first. Chet is blissfully unattached, and she has Governor Markus Soldar firmly in her sights. It's her life's ambition to take him down.

The ladies are back on Shar Burk space station, a den of iniquity presided over by Governor Soldar, who could best be described as a dictator and/or a mafia boss, with a controlling interest in every money-making pie on the station. It won't be too hard to think of present-day moguls who fit that description.

Along with our three regulars (Chet, Toreni, and Jirra) I'll be adding a fourth lady to the mix. Marisa has a chequered past, and her own reasons for wanting to dispose of Markus Soldar. But whereas Chet and the girls have been tasked by Fleet to bring down Soldar and all his works, Marisa just wants to kill him in the messiest way possible.

Right, then. Time to get writing.

I do have a cover (see above) – but I don't yet have a title. Operation Shar Burk will do for now. Watch this space.

This will be the third Morgan's Misfits book. These are the other two.

Follow your dreams. You never know where they might lead you.

Jirra’s on the run, Siena’s rescuing her lover, Toreni wants Master Chef status and Chet wants her reputation back. Four women, four goals, and one very small ship. Add a fleet request to free a rebel, the promise of little to no help and a caste-defined society simmering with discontent on the edge of explosion.

Now, on their own, they’re staging an escape from a backwater prison planet and navigating the murky terrain of dreams forbidden by the rigid caste system underpinning their culture.

Success demands more than team work. They’ll have to jettison their own prejudices and forge relationships free of the rules and caste lines.

There’s more than just lives at stake. There’s dreams and a possible tomorrow more fragile than gossamer.

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Rescuing Romila

When Jirra and Toreni rescue Romila from a raid on her antiques business the Misfits start off on a mission to uncover a drug-smuggling operation. A new, very potent drug is on the market, hidden in statues of ice warriors carved on a remote world.

But all’s not well within the team.

Toreni and Chet have fallen out, Toreni has received an offer that might be too good to refuse, and Jirra has doubts about her future.  When the drug-smuggling operation morphs into something even more dangerous, the Misfits must resolve their differences. If they don’t act together, and quickly, many lives will be at risk. Including their own.

Action and adventure, with a little bit of romance.

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  1. "When he added, "We need the money", I fell about laughing. There are more predictable ways of earning money than writing a book." Isn't that the sad truth! Congrats on continuing to get them out anyway, Greta.


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