Monday, November 5, 2018

Crossing the Line: Pets in Space 3 Moves to Kindle Unlimited

On November 1st, something happened that I think is newsworthy for both SFR readers and authors. The USA TODAY Bestseller, Pets in Space 3: Embrace the Passion, moved from wide distribution to exclusive availability on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

Click here to view on Kindle Unlimited

Since the SFR collection (and I don't call it an anthology because the books range up to novel-length in size) is only offered for a few months each year, this seems like a well thought out plan that will benefit an even wider variety of readers by getting these stories into the hands of a larger audience. 

That's because a lot of KU subscribers won't buy books outside of Kindle Unlimited. After all, they pay a fee to take part in the Amazon program. So this new tack has the potential to reach an even larger pool of readers.

And that makes me happy, because what's good for Pets in Space is generally good for SFR as a whole. :)

Of course, under the Kindle Unlimited program, those who don't subscribe can still purchase the collection for the standard price of $4.99 on Amazon (a HUGE bargain for readers when the sheer size of the book is considered--1,141 pages). 

Haven't heard much about the collection yet? Then I want to highlight a few of entertaining blogs written about the collection. The authors of Pets in Space work very diligently to get the word out about their wonderful stories, so check out this sampling of entertaining (and possibly addicting) posts. 

Anna Hackett talks about her pet, Fiend--"an alien canine of dubious origins" from her story, Desert Hunter, in the Galactic Gladiators Series.

If my memory serves, Pets in Space 3: Embrace the Passion will only be available on Kindle Unlimited until February 1st--and only available anywhere for a short time after that--so tick tick tick tick! 

If you haven't yet, think about grabbing a copy before it's gone forever.

Have a great week!

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