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Friday, July 6, 2007

Dream Job...or Nightmare?

Got 17 months to spare? Want to make $92,000?

The European Space Agency is accepting applications from Russian citizens and other member nations of the ESA for six positions to be virtual astronauts on a simulated space flight to Mars and back. During the time "onboard" the virtual astronauts will eat packaged space food, experience communication delays that will range from a few seconds to forty minutes (just like on a progressing space flight) and handle 'emergencies'.

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  1. Uh, no, I'll pass, thanks. Although, I have to admit the packaged food is tempting. I hate to cook.

  2. And are they going to make the time scale realistic too!
    I'll pass as well.

  3. Hi Kimber. Yeah, that's a pass for me too, although I did ponder the idea a bit.

    Hi Flick. Yes, the timescale is realistic. I think it works out to something like 250 days out, some time to do experiments on Mars, and 250 days back.

    I guess my five-year time frame for Outer Planets wasn't too far off then, considering the mission goes as far as Neptune and back, and assuming faster forms of propulsion in the future. :)


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