Sunday, July 15, 2007

Does This Change Everything We Know?

[Please note: As a writer, I love to explore new theories and ideas. I have written the following article for speculation and further musing. I have not researched the validity of statements made, some of which are reportedly based on scientific evidence and some on personal hypothesis. If you want to learn more, please follow the links at the end of the article and develop your own theories.]

Recent articles are proposing a shocking new idea from the astronomers of the University of Massachusetts: We may not be who we thought we were. Not children of the Milky Way Galaxy at all, but adoptees.

There is recent evidence that our solar system was not originally part of the Milky Way, but was formed in the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, which has since been all but consumed by the monstrous Milky Way.

But we still go about our daily lives without much change, right? Well, maybe not. As we are absorbed into the Milky Way, a galaxy of considerably more energy, things are being to change.

Our sun might be burning hotter. Dark spots are appearing and growing. Auroras have been sighted on Saturn and the magnetic field on Jupiter has doubled. The Martian biosphere may be changing, and there are early indication an atmosphere could be forming on the Moon. Maybe the most startling change is that Uranus and Neptune have registered polar shifts. If it's happening elsewhere in our neighborhood, will it happen on Earth? NASA information indicates there may already be a movement in the Earth’s poles. Polar shift is believed to have happened in Earth's past, possibly more than once. Are we in for another 'big shake up'?

And what are the implications for global warming, which the increased energies may intensify, but our emissions activities certainly accelerate?

In looking at the 'what ifs', we can't overlook the enigma of the Mayan calendar, currently the center of much speculation, as some believe it has predicted major events through time, and comes to a sudden halt in the year 2012. Research indicates this may be when our solar system will move through the central axis of the Milky Way galaxy.

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