Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What I'm Researching Now

The Navajo culture. Why? Because their society is predominately matriarchal and incorporates a clan or Ke system. It is the females in their society that do the majority of the planning and setting of direction for the community. The Ke system regulates social conduct and behavior, and guides personal interaction.

What does that have to do with my SciFiRom? Actually, quite a lot. The male protag in my story is from a male-dominated, warrior society, but their system of naming and recognizing a primary heir puts huge importance on the female family. Learning more about the Navajo traditions is giving me some great insights on customs, quirks and paradoxes that I can throw into the mix.

If you have any interest in a bit of enlightenment about the Navajo culture, this site has a good paper on the subject done by a land use planning committee:


  1. Hi - Just an oblique comment re matriarchal cultures, but fishing ports are similar. I grew up in a trawler port up North (England) and there is a strong feel of this because the men were away on long haul fishing trips.
    The grandmother's ultimately ruled the roost.

    Further back, Celtic communities were similar (again fishing influenced); think of Abbess Hild running joined monastic communities (think this is correct) long before the days of women's lib.

  2. Oh, great points ont he fishing communities, Julie. Since this race is a warrior society, I think that might manifest itself in a similar way in their history. Men off to war, women left to run things, etc. :)

  3. Star ships immediately came to mind when I read your post!
    Another sci fi blogger if you want to check him out anytime.


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