Sunday, December 2, 2007

Woohoo! Productive Weekend.

Wow. Did I ever have a great weekend, production-wise! My internet has only been working intermittently, which is bad for blogging but great for working on manuscripts.

Where Am I?

I have the first sweep of my P2PC rewrite done, except for the last few pages which have to be hashed out from scratch. Almost there! :)

Current word count: 105,500

Yes! I've slashed another 1,200 or so words. Added some. Slashed some more. Still need to cut about 6,000 words, but that's within the realm of "doable."

Am I Happy With The Changes?

Pretty much. I had one of those creative moments where a surprise element sprang from my stream of thought and started flopping around on the page like a beached fish (other writers probably know what I mean). Anyway, I need to come back to that scene later and see how well it, swims. It's a religious-mysticism-meets-military-rigidity scene that helps define the conflict between one of my protags and my problem child, Ryn.

What's Next?

Write the ending.
Do another sweep of the new material.
Have my critters have a go at the new stuff.
Do a complete readthrough from page 1, fix minor problems and tweak a few things.

I'll keep you posted. :)


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