Monday, February 25, 2008

In Memory of Mom

As many of you may have heard, my mother passed away on February 5th, ten days after suffering a stroke. It's been a time of real genuflection, sorting out and self-assessment for me. While going through some of her papers, I discovered several pages of notes she'd written on one of my early and as yet unmarketable novels, (you guessed it) a Science Fiction Romance.
Many moons ago, I gave Mom the "completed" manuscript [with clenched teeth and held breath] to read and tell me what she thought. I was a nervous wreck. This was long before I developed a network of IPs (Indispensable Peers) and no one had ever seen any of my work. Mom was an avid reader, so I knew it would take a lot to impress her and, well, being that she was Mom, I didn't expect to get a glowing report on my story. I was more than a little surprised by the outcome. She wrote out a list of things she felt needed to be addressed which was beyond valuable for me (my first real critique!) and along with it five magic little words that meant the world--no, the universe--to me: "I couldn't put it down."

In her memory, I've added a brief acknowledgement at the beginning of that novel. I think it says it all.

For Mom

My first critiquer

My greatest fan

I miss you.

This novel is one of two Science Fiction Romances that I plan to finishing editing in 2008.

In Memory of Mom


  1. Laurie, My deepest sympathy on the loss of your mother. I know my mom would have loved my books, too. It was through her example that I got my love for books and the written word. I've included a dedication in memory of her in Armed & Magical.

  2. Thanks, Lisa. I'll look for that dedication when I receive my market copies of A&M. Mom's are such a huge influence in our lives. I know Mom's love of reading is what got me interested in books, and in turn, in writing.


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