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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why I Write Science Fiction Romance

Since it's Valentine's week, I thought I'd focus on why I write what I write: Science Fiction Romance. Short answer, it's what I love to read. Long answer, it seems to be a never-ending source of fascination and inspiration for my muse.

Science Fiction Romance is a sub-genre, or even a sub-sub-genre--no one's really sure--of a much bigger romance market. It's sometimes dubbed Speculative Romance and lumped in with Fantasy Romance. Personally, I prefer the term Extraordinary Romance. Extraordinary Romances have characters with normal human thoughts, fears, desires, and emotions, but they happen to live in an extraordinary setting such as a distant planet, an alternate dimension or in an unknown future. These extraordinary settings can throw all kinds of curves into the characters' relationships that are sooooo much fun to write.

I tried my hand at writing contemporary and historical romances. To say it wasn't my thing would be an understatement. I wrote one (horrible) contemporary and attempted an historical that immediately morphed into a time travel romance. After that I realized I was wasting my time trying to pen stories that my muse wanted to punch holes in to escape. My imagination needs elbow room. It requires the freedom to stretch out and manipulate the universe. It can't adhere to historical facts or the realism of modern life. Too confining. Can't fence this muse in.

New strategy: Let the Muse win.
Sci-Fi Rom it is. :)

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