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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Here Be a Dragon: Guest Post by Pauline Baird Jones

Today I have a wonderful guest blog by Pauline Baird Jones, an author in the Pets in Space anthology, as well as one of the two people behind the idea and creation of the anthology.
When I first pondered what pet would own Emma in “The Real Dragon,”my story in the Pets in Space anthology, I had a flamingo in mind. I was born in the ’50s and have apparently gone back there (according to the hubs). Flamingos are popping up all over my house and on some of my promo materials.

But the nature of flamingos is to gather in herds and I would feel bad if I took one from its herd. Of course not taking one means I’d have to work a bunch of flamingos into a short story...

 ***Head explodes***

So I started looking around for an unusual pet to kickstart my Muse.

And found the bearded dragon.

It turns out that bearded dragons, in addition to their cool factor, are nice pets to own. They don’t breathe fire. Or fly around. They are affectionate and fairly easy to care for (if you don’t mind buying bugs, which I kind of do mind).

There are lots of interesting facts about bearded dragons, but I’ll try to stick with just five since this is a blog post, not a book:

1. Bearded dragons originated in Australia.

2. They like it HOT.

3. They don’t just eat bugs, they eat live bugs. One of the live bugs they like to munch are cockroaches. (Our cat was also supposed to do this but instead fled in terror from them. This would be a huge plus if one didn’t have to buy the cockroaches for the bearded dragon to eat.)

4. The most accurate way to tell if you’ve got a boy or a girl bearded dragon is—wait for it—to look under their tail. (If you want to take a look, here’s a link. CAUTION: once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it.)

5. Bearded dragons display a hand-waving gesture to show submission and their beards can flare to show dominance.

Like my human characters, the simple act of choosing a bearded dragon had an interesting effect on my story. Peddrenth flowed into Emma’s life in a very dragon-like way and he impacted her, his human pet, in ways that certainly surprised me. I know he surprised Emma.

Peddrenth slithered around. His paw waved, more like permission giving than submission this time.

“Where have you been for the last eight years?”

I sounded more curious than freaked out, which surprised me, because I was pretty freaked out.

He shouldn’t even be alive. A bearded dragon had a max life span of twelve years. I got him for my eighth birthday and I would be twenty-six in a couple of days. You do the math. On the other hand, he wasn’t supposed to be typing or talking, so the life span thing felt moot.

“I have been absent four hours and some minutes.”

“And eight years.”

He’d disappeared the same night as the accident. My fingers curled into my palms. I didn’t remember much about that night, except that when the dust settled, Peddrenth and my mom were both gone. Losing them had changed my life almost beyond recognition, but whatever. I’d moved on. Without actually moving on, since I still lived at home with my dad. From “The Real Dragon”

So, would you be willing to buy bugs for your “owner?”

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done for your pet?

If you love pets and exciting adventures in space, then I hope you’ll check out Pets in Space, brought to you by Cats, Dogs and Other Worldly Creatures Books. You won’t just get EIGHT amazing, original stories, and ONE expanded story, but you will also be helping our veterans as well, since 10% of the first month’s profits will be donated to, a wonderful organization that trains dogs to help veterans heal. How cool is that?

About the Author

Pauline never liked reality, so she writes books. She likes to wander among the genres, rampaging like Godzilla, because she does love peril mixed in her romance. You can find out more about her books (and get a free story for subscribing to her newsletter) at: http:///


  1. Many thanks for having me (and for joining our pets in space adventure!) You wrote a great story for us! :-)

    1. Pauline, thanks so much for guest blogging on Spacefreighters today with your fun post about ~~ dragons ~~!

  2. Fun post. I love the flamingo idea but.....a tad impractical I guess!

    1. Herding cats. Herding flamingoes. Probably a similar experience. LOL

    2. That was my feeling! LOL There is a really cool documentary about the flamingos in Africa, but you will HATE storks after watching it.

  3. Thanks so much for guest blogging with us today, Pauline. Such a fun and post and intriguing excerpt! Now I'm curious to check out more about bearded dragons.

    Less than a week until #PetsInSpace launches. Can't wait!

    1. There was even a Tiny House episode where a teen had a bearded dragon. I feel like I'm suddenly seeing them everywhere. haha

  4. This excerpt cracked me up! I almost said I couldn't by bugs for a pet, but then I remembered I feed our chooks and turkeys mealworms every day! (Dead ones, though.)

    1. Glad you liked it! Peddrenth is a real scene stealer. LOL on the mealworms!

  5. Thanks for the warning. I did not go look at bearded dragon gonads! Almost everything I do for my cats is over the top, unless you are the Cat Daddy from TV. They have a cat tree in every room, but still want to nap on OUR bed.They do not wave paws in submission, but only in an attempt to a)beg for food or b)disembowel. I will threaten them with replacement by bearded dragon from now on. :)

    1. I wonder if that would work on my dogs? "Behave or I'll replace you with a bearded dragon!" (For some reason that brings to mind the scene where Sarah Connor's roommate in Terminator threatens to turn her iguana into a purse.)

    2. LOLOL There you go! Always threaten with a dragon! (I will admit I looked. LOL)

  6. You know, I wasn't sure I could warm up to a reptile (although I love turtles), but your bearded dragon pet was so cool. Great pet idea.

    1. I agree. Love his name too...Peddrenth. Just sounds so dragon-y.

  7. We're on the wild side for bearded dragons. We have a few in our yard and are most likely to see them in winter, when they come out to sun themselves on the grass. But I did rescue one from a crow once, picked him up and put him somewhere safe.

    I didn't look under his tail, though, so I suppose he might have been a she. :)

  8. You have the coolest wildlife down under, Greta. Bearded dragons just run lose? Wow.


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