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Meet Captain Samuel Armstrong Murphy of the good ship Shadowhawk, reluctant hero of Fools Rush In, Book 3, Interstellar Rescue series. His loyal friends call him “Sam,” his colorful but disciplined crew calls him “Cap,” and slave-trading ptarks of any description throughout the Interstellar Rescue universe call him their worst nightmare. 

Sam is a bold leader, but never foolhardy. He’s decisive, but never impulsive. He loves his fun, but his great sense of humor hides a lot of hurt. And he may work outside the rules, but he is far from the worst kind of thug stalking the galaxy’s trade routes. Sam Murphy is no blackjack. As he tells the Rescue agent who is rapidly becoming a problem aboard his ship, “I may be a pirate, Ms. Carver, but I don’t rape, I don’t murder. I don’t set ships afire just to watch them burn.”

In fact, Sam follows his own strict code of honor. And one of the things he is strictest about is that he will not suffer slavers to pass near his ship unchallenged. For reasons only one other on the Shadowhawk knows, Sam has appointed himself avenger of any slave-carrying tug he comes across. He boards the ships (which he later sells as salvage), and reclaims the Lucky Ones (slaves) aboard, taking them to the nearest Rescue relocation center for processing.

Which, of course, is how he runs afoul of Rayna Carver’s well-laid plan to infiltrate an alien weapons facility as one of a ship-load of slaves. 

Sam is an easy-going sort of fellow, at least on the surface, but he’s not so easily convinced to risk his ship and crew on what he considers to be a suicide mission to get Rayna where she needs to go. The more he’s attracted to the stubborn, smart-mouthed Rescue agent, the less he wants to put her in harm’s way. 

But Rayna is not the only one on the rescued slaver with a secret agenda. Sabotage, murder and an alien ship's attack on the Shadowhawk soon turn Sam into the hero he was meant to be.

Fools Rush In launches October 18! Pre-order it NOW on Amazon.

 Cheers, Donna

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  1. Since I got to read this in advance, I can vouch for Sam being an incredibly compelling hero. (And I still love that cover!)

    :::runs off to click the pre-order:::


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