Friday, October 21, 2016


The book birthday celebration for Fools Rush In, Book 3 in the Interstellar Rescue series just keeps rolling on. Tuesday, October 18, was the official launch day, but reviews, interviews and guest blogs continue to spread the news about this book, my first real space opera noir novel.

Fools Rush In features a woman of color as the heroine. Undercover Rescue agent Rayna Carver is of African-American descent, though she grew up in the polyglot colony of Terrene, far from Earth. So I've spent some time talking about diversity in science fiction romance as a guest blogger. You can find the first of these in Heather Massey's The Galaxy Express 2.0 blog (now part of the Science Fiction Romance Quarterly), which appeared October 15. 

I'll be addressing the topic from a slightly different perspective (how did Rayna come to be) on Pauline Baird Jones's blog  Monday, October 24. 

This third installment in the Interstellar Rescue series is a bit of a departure for me. Unlike Books 1 and 2, Fools Rush In takes place entirely away from Earth, mostly in space. There are plenty of space battles, lusty romance and evil aliens, but it also includes some shadowy dirtside locales and a criminal underworld element. (Sam, the hero of the story, is a pirate, after all!) So I call the story space opera noir. Think STAR TREK meets BLADE RUNNER.
I describe the concept more fully in my guest post on the Science Fiction Romance Brigade blog, which appeared October 18. 

I've had some great reviews of Fools Rush In already, thanks to several willing blogger/reviewers. You can find them at these blogs:

Riley Moreland--Whiskey with My Book
Gemini--ReadYourWrites Book Reviews
Mom--Mom With a Reading Problem 

And, finally, lots of folks have featured the book with spotlights and excerpts. Thanks to all these bloggers for their help!

C.M.McCoy, Author, Tippity-Tapper blog  
Two Reading Addiction Junkies Facebook page
Here Be Magic blog (Veronica Scott and others)
Anne Marie Carter Facebook page
Roses and Violets Book Reviews blog
Zara Hoffman blog (includes tour schedule!)
My Fav's N More Readers' Blog

Now here's the best part! If you take the tour of these wonderful blogs and check out not only the fun stuff about Fools Rush In, but all the other great posts they have to offer, you can enter my Rafflecopter giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card on any of the sites!

And if you go and COMMENT on THREE of these sites, come back here and tell me which ones you visited and commented on, you'll be entered to win a separate GIVEAWAY of a FREE signed copy of any of my Interstellar Rescue books you choose PLUS an Interstellar Rescue tee-shirt! Remember, you have to visit, comment AND come back here to tell me you did it to enter for the win!

Now, get on out of here, you crazy kids, and have some fun!

Cheers, Donna

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