Monday, October 31, 2016

The Top Five Things That Scare Me

Since Monday happened to fall on Halloween this week, I'm the lucky blogger who gets to do a Halloween post.

Happy Halloween!

And BOO!

What Scares Me

This particular holiday revolves around scary things. Ghosts, goblins, monsters, vampires, witches, headless horsemen, jabberwockies, things that go bump in the night...and all things trendy and popular and not so scary, too, of course. But for this blog, I wanted to talk a little about the things that scare me. Trust me, it's not the usual suspects.

So here we go.

The Top Five Things That Scare Me.

Number Five
Sinkholes. Yes, sinkholes. Those big gaping holes that open up in the ground and swallow houses and cars and sometimes people. Think about it. Sinkholes are random and terrible and can't normally be anticipated. They're one of the sneak attacks nature can throw at us. If it's a tornado or a hurricane, you can evacuate or take shelter. Same with most storms. Flooding you can usually see coming, too. Earthquakes aren't common enough in my part of the country to be a concern, but for the millions of people (maybe billions) who live in an FEZ (Frequent Earthquake Zone...I made that up), they can be traumatizing. Of course, Earthquakes tend to be on known fault lines so you always have the option of not moving into a FEZ, or moving away. But sinkholes? They start out deep in the Earth and can rarely be predicted or anticipated, although we are getting a lot more sophisticated about knowing where they have a high risk of potentially forming like Florida and Louisiana, for starters. There's a monster sinkhole in Bayou Corne that recently started swallowing trees whole!

And they can pop up anywhere, even in Siberia. So I confess, I have a deep fear of huge, gaping holes opening in the ground beneath my feet and swallowing me. Call me paranoid.

Number Four
Killer bees. I live in the American Southwest. And one of my neighbors has a huge network of bee hives. Killer bees have migrated into the southern USA from South America over the last few decades and they were given that name for a reason. They form aggressive, angry swarms.

 'Nuff said. That alone could give me nightmares for a week.

Number Three
Rattlesnakes getting into my house. No, I haven't had that happen yet, but I did have one get into my garage last summer. I blogged about it as a guest with author Carysa Locke, here. It actually turned into some pretty nifty research for Pets in Space. I've encountered the random venomous snake or two on the ranch, and although that's unnerving it's not terrifying. But the thought of a pit viper invading my personal space and slithering that's a horrific thought! And it does happen. Check it out.

Number Two
Sharks. Yes, I know. I live in the desert. Why should sharks scare me? Well, probably because I live in the desert, and movies like The Shallows, and Jaws, and Open Water always have sharks showing up that eat people who go in the water. I have no desire to swim in the ocean. Okay, I did swim in the ocean once, in about 20 feet of water off a catamaran in the Caribbean. But honestly, I was looking for sharks the entire time. What's fun about that?

Fortunately for me, Landsharks are only the stuff of comedy skits. Or are they?

...and the NUMBER ONE thing that scares me?
One of my manuscripts. No, I'm not being silly. I have a manuscript that I've had to let lie for several years now because the research absolutely terrified me. Why? Well, let's put it this way. My story is about the power of the mind, and has a few scenes where something really horrible and dark and menacing happens. While surfing the internet for information one day, I discovered there are documented cases of what I had created fictionally actually happening. Yikes! That's frightening. It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.

Now granted, the accounts may also be a work of fiction, but if they are even partially true...Well, it's just really hard to go there without becoming terrified out of my mind. It's one of the same reasons I don't watch television shows about the paranormal. I don't want to know about these things! My imagination is active enough all on its own, thank you very much.

Especially when I'm home alone, and it's dark, and I start hearing noises...

Okay, that did it. I'm going to end right here and go look at funny cat videos on Facebook now!

For Trick or Treats, leave a comment and tell me what scares you. [Insert scary sound effects here.]

~~~~~~~~~~   From Laurie  ~~~~~~~~~~


  1. What scares me: pretty much anything. I have a nervous disposition and an overactive imagination that has cursed me with lifelong nightmares. I can't watch or read horror or even suspense or thrillers, don't like things that make me jump, or unexplained noises in the middle of the night. Realistically, I have arachnophobia but hypnotherapy means I can at least put a glass over one and throw it out the door. Rattlesnakes, killer bees and sinkholes are at least legitimate fears since all can be deadly!

    1. Oh, I totally understand the pitfalls of having an overactive imagination! Thanks, Pippa. You get a TREAT for being the first to comment. Email me for a gifted Kindle copy of PETS IN SPACE.

  2. Killer bees. Ugh! I'm with you on that one, and sink holes too. Earthquakes don't bother me much because most of them are too small to do any damage. If they're big enough to knock things off of shelves it gives us something to talk about for a few days. I know, we're weird out here in FEZland.

    Btw, have you seen that video of a great white breaching near Alcatraz last year? I had to ask a Coastie friend of mine if it was for real, and he confirmed it. 100% real. It was hunting a seal and caught it.

    1. I've seen quite a few breaching Great Whites--but don't think I've seen that one. I'll go see if I can find it on YouTube. (Yes, although sharks terrify me they also fascinate me if I can watch from a safe--and dry--distance. For instance, I'm a Shark Week groupie!) You also get a TREAT. Amazon Gift Certificate coming your way. :)

  3. I have an overactive imagination and scared by a lot of paranormal things! Not so much ghosts, but vampires and demons are too much! I have fear-fascination over the paranormal though, especially vampires. Non-paranormally (?) I have a real phobia about any kind of snake. Real terror, cant look at even photos, have unfriebded or blocked people in Facebook for posting them. Goes back to childhood trauma when one did get in our house when I was about 4. It went after my pet guinea pig, which I just happened to be holding. Mom walked into find me standing in the sofa screaming and holding my pet over my head with the snake getting nearer, and she went after it with a broom and got it outside but the fear has never left.

    1. OMG, Kim, that WOULD be terrifying! (Sorry about the snake video...don't watch it!) I'm certainly not a fan of snakes, but living in the hinterlands I've had my fair share of encounters. Probably a more realistic phobia for me than sharks, really. LOL You also get a TREAT. I'll gift you a copy of my novel INHERIT THE STARS. Just PM me on FB or email me at Lgreen2162 aol com.

  4. Thank you! I grew up in rural Texas so have had other snake encounters that haven't helped! I can't go near reptile areas at zoos, they know I fear them! I also avoided visiting a sister-In-law for about 6 years while she kept pet snakes!

  5. Pet snakes. *shudders* Yikes. That would be hard to deal with, even for me.


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