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#BristolCon Aftermath: #Cosplay For The Win!

Some of you may remember the absolute disaster of BristolCon last year, when car failure stranded us halfway there and resulted in us being towed home and missing the whole shebang. It is not my favourite memory.

So I was extremely nervous preparing for it this year. Finances meant my plan of taking a hire car got scrubbed. We did all we could to ensure our old banger was as journey worthy as possible (although the same precautions last year didn't and couldn't have prevented the breakdown). However, we planned to leave earlier in the day so if we did have a repeat of last year we still had time to abandon car and jump on a train instead (I learned later that the trains into Bristol were fubar'd - probably just as well I hadn't know that beforehand). >_<
Getting stuck in a traffic queue where we broke down last year was one of the most terrifying few moments of my life. But we made it to Bristol. The relief of getting here was like Christmas coming early! Parking was a bit of an issue, but the hotel we'd booked was lovely (as were the staff), and later I was able to move the car to the convention where it was free (bonus!).
I'd originally planned to do most of the set up on the Friday night but leave the books until the following morning. However, as they were locking the dealers room overnight I figured my books would be safe. I had a gorgeous black velvet table cover (courtesy of a local charity shop) and had already talked to the lovely KS Turner whom I was sharing the table with but who wouldn't be arriving until the following morning. Hubs and eldest had some 'suggestions' on the set up, wanting me to move my two character dolls to the centre, but in the end I stuck with my original plan.
BristolCon is one of the most relaxed and friendly conventions I know (admittedly my recent experience is limited and BristolCon is the only one I've attended as a dealer rather than just a visitor) but the atmosphere is so lovely. I am not a natural socializer and rather shy. Social situations exhaust me. But by the end of the con I was so jazzed I wanted to do it again the next day (not normal for me but a tribute to BristolCon for creating such a conducive atmosphere).

While I didn't sell many books, overall it was such a positive experience and so fun that it's given me a much needed confidence boost when I really needed one. I did sell three books, had enquiries as to whether they were available in ebook form, was approached by a reviewer, had a few people tell me they had things I'd written like Tales (and the lovely author/editor from Grimbold Books - Kate Coe - told me she had When Dark Falls on her to read and review list for this year. That gives me such a buzz, since most of my audience is US). Bookmarks and business cards were picked up. Another Grimbold author - Allan Bott - told me about Ludosport: learning lightsaber duelling as a martial art. We got compliments on our cosplay and I even got asked for a couple of photos (you can also find some convention photos HERE).
I also picked up some books (surprise!). Two Anne McCaffrey books from the swap table (having traded them for my Brent Weeks Way of Shadows trilogy). I spent my earnings on two steampunk urban fantasies for eldest from Rob Harkness, and of course both eldest and I got our favourite authors to sign a book each (Jaine Fenn for me, Janet Edwards for her). Both were also kind enough to come to our table and chat, as well as gifting eldest tokens for her cosplay.

And the highlight of the evening (though we missed it originally and it was only thanks to a BristolCon minion that we got spotted coming in late) was my eldest winning the cosplay contest with the Rey outfit I made. Admittedly there hadn't been much competition, but to have something she asked for and that I'd spent time and effort on be appreciated by others was just awesome. We had to go on stage to collect her prize - a rather awesome trophy, a book, and a book token. I don't think she could have been more chuffed (or I more proud).

All in all it was a wonderful experience. I have to say such a huge thank you to BristolCon:
Its members, organizers (especially Mark Robinson, dealer herder) and minions (especially Scott Lewis who shouted out our late arrival at the closing ceremony for the cosplay award), to my fellow authors (especially those from Grimbold Books who came to chat), to everyone who gave my eldest tokens for the cosplay contest, to Janet Edwards and Jaine Fenn (our two favourite authors who came to chat to us at our table and later signed our books), to the chap who took my photo for his blog and said more female Jedi were needed, to my lovely fellow author KS Turner and her husband who were a delight to share a table with, and lastly to my family (particularly my tolerant husband) but most of all to my eldest who shares my love for cosplay and books. *takes a deep breath* Gosh, I hope I didn't miss anyone out.
But best of all, it looks like we'll be going again next year ^-^

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Status Update
I've come down with post convention lurgey - not what I needed after coming back to an overflowing inbox but not entirely surprising. I'll soldier on! I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year, but the prospect of returning to BristolCon next year has prompted me to think about getting Keir Book Three done so I can have it in print for then, plus a nudge to get a move on with my short story collection if I want those out in print too. Don't hold your breath, though! That's a big ask considering the current state of both. >.<

Chook Update
The girls survived three days without us, although Pitch has been noisy since we got back - scolding us maybe? I'm not entirely sure whether they can miss us, but they seemed grateful for some treats - mealworms and sunflower hearts - so at least their stomachs apparently missed us!
Left to right: Chiana, Scoop, Fizzgig, Pitch, and Effie

Near left to right: Effie, Chiana, Scoop
Under table left to right: Kyru, Fizzgig, Pitch


  1. SO much fun to read about all your experiences at BristolCon. I 'm glad it went well and yay for the cosplay award!!! Also always love the updates on the chooks :)

  2. What a great recap, Pippa! Sounds like an absolutely lovely con and I'm so glad it was such a fun, positive and rewarding experience. Thanks for showcasing ITS on your table, too. :)

    1. Thanks Laurie, and you're welcome. ITS certainly got attention.

  3. I'm really glad your experience at BristolCon was so cool! Congratulations to your eldest- and you for making the costume!


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