Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The #BristolCon Countdown...again!

I'm going to admit I'm both excited and nervous about going. Excited because BristolCon is a fab, friendly place to go and my favourite author is there, as well as fellow Brigader Misa Buckley. I'm nervous because...people! I'll be trying to sell my books, and I'm terrified! But more than that. Last year, after two months of prep, our car broke down halfway there and we missed the whole thing. I cried for a week! The only bonus is that at least I had a ton of stuff already prepped and stowed away so this year has been a lot less stress preparing for it. Well, other than a mild panic over whether the print editions of Gethyon would arrive in time after having to priority ship two sets of proofs before I was satisfied with the product.

But just yesterday the last couple of things I was waiting on arrived: carrier bags for any books I sell, and a couple of menu card holders to put my special offers on. The tub of chocolates I plan to use as bribery will have to wait to closer to the time otherwise they'll never survive to the convention.

My costume is almost complete. Yeah, I've gone for an Anakin cosplay. I'm not really much of a princess and definitely lean more to the Dark Side. :P

While my eldest just needs her Rey blaster painted up (and maybe a little BB-8 toy to carry.
I've had a practice set up for my half a table, though it still needs some tweaks. Boy, I've accumulated a lot of my titles in print since last year. I'd planned to showcase a few Brigade titles to represent our group, but I'm literally not going to have space (other than Laurie's Inherit the Stars that she sent me last year, and Sharon Lynn Fisher's Ghost Planet with the old cover). The Brigade merch I made up will be going into the free goodie bags I'll be handing out with any book purchase.

And just last week my print editions of Gethyon arrived. ^-^
I'll be doing the last few bits of prep after this week because...

While BristolCon is still almost four weeks away, I've got a nice geek orientated distraction this coming weekend - Nor-Con! Aside from ComicCon in London, this is my nearest convention, but it'll be my first time visiting. Partly for fun but partly to see if it's worth considering as a dealer with my books. I'll be testing out my Anakin cosplay while eldest is wearing a Connor Temple cosplay (and she has a joint photo shoot booked with Hannah Spearitt (Abby Maitland, Primeval) and Andrew Lee Potts (Connor Temple, Primeval). She's so excited! I already got my photo with Andrew back in May at ComicCon.
The car has been serviced, fully checked over, and goes in for a minor repair this week. Fingers and toes crossed that car failure doesn't stop us from either convention this month. >.<

Status Update
Gethyon is finally back out, in ebook and this time also in print. This now means I am a fully indie author with eighteen titles listed on Goodreads. That's not bad in five and a half years.

A Scifi Adventure Novel
B&N | Kobo | iBooks
Currently I'm not writing, haven't written in weeks, and don't seem to care. With two conventions this month, I figure it's time to take a break, focus on other stuff and see how I feel after the end of this year. I'm job hunting, picking at book three for Keir, and I have three sets of edits I could be working on but ain't. Real life stuff is taking priority, and since I have no deadlines except those I set myself, I'm letting myself take a step back.
And finally...

Chook Update
With the sudden nip in the air and the nights drawing in now we're past the autumn equinox, my girls are spending less time in the garden and they've stopped laying. They've also moulted so abruptly their run looks like the floor of a real feather pillow making factory! It's now too wet or too cold for me to sit out with them, but they spent last Friday mostly sunbathing when I let them out.
And I finish with one last photo from the garden, a frog onna log by our pond. Have a good week!


  1. Your table looks impressive, Pippa. Almost as impressive as your amazing costumes.

    I hope you have a blast! Thanks so much for including Inherit the Stars in your display. Be nice to get a little exposure across the pond. :)

    1. Thanks Laurie!
      Well, I hope it helps a little. If by any chance the author I'm sharing with doesn't show I'm still taking all the other Brigade books I own in case, and of course Tales is part of my display. UnfortunaytelybI didn't have time to order in any stuff for the Portals volumes but I might try to print a little something up myself for the goodie bags.


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