Friday, May 8, 2009

A Rare Sight

Shuttles in Stereo

In a rare scenario, the shuttles Atlantis and Endeavor wait to launch.

Atlantis (left) will blast off on Monday, May 11, if all goes well, for a historic and dangerous mission to service the aging 19-year-old Hubble Space Telescope with new and replacement hardware to extend its life.

Meanwhile, the Endeavour (right) will be on standby in the event the seven-person crew of the Atlantis requires rescue. In the last several years the missions have been to the International Space Station, and a second shuttle hasn't been required because the astronauts could take refuge in the ISS in the event of a mishap.


  1. anyone else nervous abbout this?

  2. Oh yes. Nervous and excited. The fact that they feel a second shuttle needs to be on standby for a rescue attempt speaks to the high level of risk of this mission.

    I wonder if the world at large is aware of what they are attempting?

  3. It was a great launch from seven miles away!! Fire racing into the sky and we saw the booster thing fall away. Of course, we could have seen it from our home too but no - we drove for hours there and hours back to feel the real thing and it was worth it. It felt more real, more impressive and more personal. I'd seen the astronauts on tv and now I pictured them jetting to the stars! Before we'd got home - they'd probably circled the earth! Amazing.

  4. What an experience! Someday I'd love to see a launch. The public takes them so much for granted these days.


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