Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spaceport Groundbreaking

I often describe New Mexico as a wonderful place for a writer to live because it can't decide which century it wants to exist in.

Yesterday marked an event that's definitely a showcase of the state's stake in the future, the groundbreaking of the first commercial spaceport in the world!

From the Spaceport America website:

The next chapter in space transportation is being written right now in the State of New Mexico. Forward-thinking pioneers are developing both vertical and horizontal launch vehicles using the power of free-market enterprise.

As the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport, Spaceport America is designed with the needs of the commercial space business in mind. Unique geographic benefits, striking iconic design, and the tradition of New Mexico space leadership are coming together to create a new way to travel into space.

When it comes to outer space, New Mexico is bringing it down to earth!

I invite you to stop by the Spaceport America website to see the vision, browse the videos and information and check out the Spaceport America Foundation and available products.

Support your local spaceport! :)


  1. *fan girl squee*

    I so want to go to space!!! I want my own space ship. Wouldn't that be amazing? To have the stars in your reach?


  2. Oh yeah, can't wait for those commercial space flight tickets to get affordable. Virgin Galactic has plans for flights now.

    I'd love to see Earth from space, experience weightlessness, see the stars, planets and the Moon without the distortion of atmosphere. What an experience that would be.

  3. This bit is encouraging, too:

    "Extensive use of sustainable and clean energy technology throughout the design will ensure that the spaceport will set the standard for environmentally sound design for similar structures in the future."


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