Sunday, June 21, 2009

Parellel Universe on The Galaxy Express

A reminder about The Galaxy Express Parallel Universe event, which is coming up beginning July 5.

Parallel Universe will run concurrently with the RWA Nationals in Washington DC and promises to be a Skiffy Rommer paradise, featuring articles, guest bloggers, and live twitter posts (tweets) from SFR-oriented attendees who will be right at the heart of it all reporting on the happenings--official or otherwise. We hope to have good coverage of "The Gathering" sponsored by the FF&P Chapter and the RITA and Golden Heart Awards, where we'll be cheering on Sharon Lynn Fisher's SFR, Ghost Planet, a Golden Heart finalist in the Paranormal category.

If you're on Twitter, the #rwasfr hashtag has been kicked off in advance (and I could use some company). Feel free to post anything related to SFR or RWA whether you plan to be in attendance or not. If you're not on Twitter but have been thinking of joining, now might be a good time to sign up. Do a search for the hashtag #rwasfr to jump into the conversation. You may also wish to follow #rwachange which has developed in just a few days into an almost 400-strong group promoting reform of the organizations' policies toward e-publishing.

Come join the fun.


  1. Very exciting, Laurie! And I understand you came up with the name - I love it.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. Well yeah, it came out of a brainstorming email session, but I guess I get the credit. :)


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