Sunday, August 9, 2009

Defying Gravity Links

Yes, I'm on a mission.

My blog campaign continues to try to get the word out on this new SFR television series about a mysterious mission in space and its crew (of great characters with many a romantic twist).

Don't know anything about the show? Want to learn more?

Check out these links to interviews and critiques of the new SFR TV show and tune in tonight on ABC to see what all the excitement is about. TV Review of Defying Gravity
Rated the effects and production 6 out of 6, acting and story 4 out of 6, but didn't have a lot of love for the originality or emotional response (which I think many would disagree with, because this series is all about emotion and characters) which both scored a 3 out of 6. Still the overall rating of 32/40 is not too shabby compared to other television offerings.

SciFiandTVTalk's Blog: Defying Gravity's Andrew Airlie--In Control
Interview with the actor playing the mission flight director, who is painted as a bit of a bad guy in the opener. Interview with Defying Gravity star Ron Livingston (who plays Maddux Donner)

Defying Gravity on Hulu

Have I piqued your interest yet?

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