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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sound Off: Is Science Fiction (& SFR) Dead?

Recently, io9 posed an interesting question. Is Science Fiction defunct because many believe we're approaching Singularity?

Read the article here.

I don't agree with this theory. Science Fiction (and SFR) is about imagination and possibility. It's about a great story, unique ideas, powerful world-building and compelling characters. Why would people stop reading SF/SFR just because the future may not look exactly like the author paints in their imaginary futuristic world? Are 1984 and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY any less classic works because the date has come and gone and the world didn't look anything like the predictions? Did people stop reading these books at the point history caught up to the story? Of course not. The elements of vision and imagination still apply, even if history took a drastically different course than the fiction version.

I've been on a "put the science back in science fiction romance" campaign for quite some time now. Maybe I need to start a "save the fiction in science fiction romance" campaign too. :)

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