Monday, June 7, 2010

Avatar Deleted Scenes Coming to DVD?

Since I seem to be revisiting Avatar this week, I thought I'd bring up another juicy topic.  The deleted, "mating" scene from the movie.

According to several sites, including Cinema Blend, the mating scene may be restored in the special edition DVD.  But don't expect anything along the lines of erotica.  The original scene was shot with the PG-13 rating in mind, and although it has some, er...interesting Na'vi elements (those amazing sensual tentacles, you know) it won't be anything too graphic.

Still, I'm sure a lot of curious fans will ante up the cost of the special edition offerings.

I think it's too bad the original scene couldn't have been left intact, because IMHO would have better fleshed out Jake's last remaining doubts about becoming Na'vi.  After the deleted scene, he wakes up in his Avatar "coffin" with Neytiri's words still on his mind -- "Now we are mated for life" -- and mutters to himself, "What you are doing?"  This sets up the turning point or decision moment for his character. 

The script of the scene can also be found here, but with it I need to give a spoiler alert and a warning that something seems to be lost in the translation.  I'll be eager to see how the scene actually plays out between the two characters in the special edition.  (Oh yeah, I'm so there.)


  1. Very interesting! Thanks for the info!

  2. Well, yeah, I think all that was implied pretty strongly. Frankly the whole village swaying and chanting during the resurrection scenes was more sensual (and should be more worrisome for the Vatican!)

  3. You're welcome, Lisa. Thanks for stopping by.

    Oh, I agree, Donna, that had some very sensual overtones. It was also a powerful scene, IMHO.

  4. I loved Avatar too and own it so I can watch it often! Sorry I've been missing so much! Good to see your pov on this.

    As for history-- well I can see exactly what you mean in your earier post! It does have an ucanny resonance to aspects in Avatar.


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