Monday, June 7, 2010

A Big Day for SFR

What's so special about today? 

Today marks the launch of Carina Press, a new e-publishing subsidiary of Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.  And yes, Carina Press accepts science fiction romance!  Carina Press has its own web site and its titles will not be found on because of its unique approach. 

In fact, they're launching with three new SFR titles including fellow Brigader KS Augustin's IN ENEMY HANDS.  Carina Press will publish 37 titles in June.

Why has Harlequin made this new move into the digital publishing arena?  Executive Editor Angela James explains in a Publishing Trends article Trendspotting 2010 that digital publishing offers unique opportunities to supply on-demand books to today's busy reading audience.  Digital books allow readers to both purchase and read books when it fits their schedule.

I already have two new SFRs in my shopping cart, including IN ENEMY HANDS and another editor Deborah Nemeth mentioned in her Publisher's Showcase interview on the SFR Brigade, HUNTERS, but as a SFR writer, I'm also looking forward to the other opportunities Carina Press will offer.

Congratulations on your launch, Carina Press.

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