Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Where the Imagination Goes...

The prototype "3-D Printer" can copy virtually three dimensions.  Just think of the applications for space colonies, research stations or exploratory vessels. No need to stock spare parts, you could simply "3-D Print" a new one.  (I bet the Apollo 13 astronauts would have loved to have one aboard.  Maybe they'd have been able to make their Moon landing.)

Yeah, they call it a 3-D Printer.  I call it a Replicator. 


  1. I freakin' LOVE IT!!!! Think of the savings in weight when launching into space--just carry the powder and the replicator. Surely it's a small step from having the actual tool to scan to having the specs in code. WOW!!!

  2. So true, Donna. And for everything...from parts to tools to clothing. Lose a glove in space? No problemo. Just generate a new one.

    For that matter, you wouldn't even need to take extra items with you, just manufacture them on demand.

    My imagination loves this!


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