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Have We Found Another Earth?

Mission Success:
Laurie's Journal

Have we found another Earth?

Big news on the science front. It's called GJ 667 Cc, it's a newly discovered planet in the desirable Goldilocks zone of its red dwarf sun, and it may have water, compatible temperatures and other necessary elements to support life as we know it, and just possibly, someday, human life. It's refered to as a Super-Earth because it's approximate 4.5 times the size of our planet.

And it's close in astronomical terms...only 22 light years away. Right in the neighborhood. Close enough to send off a long range probe and expect some glossy close-ups in, say, a couple hundred years.

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Exciting stuff, yes? Yes! But there's even more exciting news. To quote Steven Vogt, an astronomer at the University of California, "Statistics tell us we shouldn't have found something this quickly...This tells us there must be an awful lot of these planets out there. It was almost too easy to find, and it happened too quickly."

More Earth-like planets than we ever thought possible in our own Milky Way galaxy? Think of the possibilities!


I'll be participating in the First Annual Love, Lasers and Light Swords Valentine Bash on the Backward Momentum blog. Be sure to stop in for a multi-author, fun-filled event with prizes...and surprises.

Come show your love for Science Fiction Romance!

From My Leaning Tower of TBR

Zoe Archer's COLLISION COURSE crackled with a 700 amp current of lust and passion when an unlikely partnership forms--or more accurately is heat-forged--between an elite 8th Wing Wraith pilot and a female scavenger. Loved the building tension, underlying conflicts and evolving mutual respect in this short, but very smart, SFR. The story features tight, fresh dialog and an authentic feel to the politics and military culture. (The title may sound familiar, because the cover was featured [as one I'd love to...uh, "borrow" for P2PC] in a previous post.)

My one regret was that although the ending was satisfying, it didn't have that take-me-beyond-the-event-horizon-and-pull-me-back-again bang-up finale I crave. Things went a little too easy for the pair, and the only thing that really held the lovers apart from a future together was a stubborn mindset.

Overall, this was still one of the very best SFRs I've read this year.

Where I'm At

A 2nd place in the Silicon Valley RWA's GOTCHA! contest (in a three-way tie!) netted my third novel a looksie by Ballantine/Bantam Dell editor, Sue Grimshaw. I'm very happy with the outcome and genuinely enthused about the revision, which added new layers of visceral reaction and emotional depth, thanks to a wonderful workshop by Margie Lawson last fall. Inspiration is a wonderful thing.

Novel #3 has been doing very well in the finals department, but so far it's holding a full house of 2nds and 3rds. Sure would like to see that first win come in. Something to work for. :)

Welcome, Pard!

Raising a toast and shouting out a great big welcome to Pippa Jay who's the newest addition to the Spacefreighters Lounge crew.  So glad you're here, Pippa, and very excited about your upcoming SFR release, KEIR. Hip, hip, hurray!

A Gift For You

As a thank you for visiting Spacefreighters Lounge, I'll gift a copy of Barbara Elsborg's CHOSEN (Kindle e-book) to the first ten who comment below and say they'd like a copy--while the .99 sale lasts. Yes, co-bloggers, that includes you! CHOSEN is not a SFR, but a masterpiece of dark, diabolical Romantic Suspense that's being offered at a special price for a very limited time. (You must be at least 18 years old to quality and state this in your comment.) Warning: This novel is gritty and at times disturbing, and not for the faint of heart! Follow the link to read the blurb and see the reviews. All I ask is that if you love the story as much as I did, that you write a review on Google, Goodreads or post it on your site.  Be sure to leave an email address I can send your copy to.


  1. Ah, the possibilities! I saw the news on the Super-Earth - now, if we can just figure out how to get there a bit quicker... :)
    Looking forward to the Backward Momentum Valentine Bash and congrats on the placings! And thanks so much for all the warm welcomes onto the blog. Cheers!
    I'd love a copy of Chosen, and I promise to put up a review. I've made a commitment to post reviews for everything I read, whether it's something I've taken on for a review site or something I've read for my own pleasure. I know how important reviews are to an author. Although I am slightly anxious about those I may soon be getting for KEIR. Eeek! :)

  2. Your copy of CHOSEN is on the way, Pippa. Hope you find the story as engrossing as I did. One Amazon five-star reviewer said Barbara Elsborg had "outdone Patterson and Koontz." I completely agree.

    I can totally understand your new author jitters on how KEIR will be received, but I've read your shorter work and I'm sure it will be just as wonderful. The blurb is certainly a hook!

    I'm very excited about the discovery of the Super-Earth not only because it indicates there may be far, far more Earth-like planets in our galaxy than we ever thought possible, but because for each of these Super-Earths there's also the potential for multiple moons that can also support life and that we can't yet detect. If each planet has an average of two moons, think how many more potentially habitable places may exist not only in our galaxy, but right in our galactic neighborhood.

    Maybe this will jumpstart our research and development of much faster, sustainable propulsion systems that will someday get us there. The two Voyager probes have been traveling outbound for almost 40 years and haven't reached the edge of our own solar system yet.

  3. I got it, thanks Laurie!
    And thanks re KEIR - it's just one of those big unknowns, so it makes me edgy. :)

  4. Oh, shoot! I'm just now reading this! May I haz some CHOSEN pleeze? I love romantic suspense and you know I lurrvve me some Barbara Elsborg!!


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