Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Rosetta Stone for Introverts

10 Myths About Introverts

I adore this article by Carl King about how introverts tick (a little self-analysis is a good thing!) and wanted to share it with our readers. It's very enlightening in the spirit of "I'm Okay, You're Okay" for those of the anti-extrovert persuasion by explaining what introverts are not via myths of perception--Introverts Don't Like to Talk, Introverts are Shy, Introverts are Rude, etc.

Well worth a read for the many OMGYes! and Hellyeahs! Your time investment? About seven minutes max.

Mr. King's article also prompted me to click a link at the bottom of his site and pick up a copy of his book SO YOU'RE A CREATIVE what? which he describes as a "creative career survival guide." I found his book chock full of affirmations and inspiration for creative types and easy to read in either quick 10-minute snippets or an afternoon sitdown.

Endorsements? My, yes! This book has 44 reviews--41 of them are 5 stars, the balance are 4 and 3 stars. (No 1 or 2 stars to date.)

I'm adding my kudos. I recommend this as an upbeat, positive, fast, funfun read! (One caveat: This is not a lengthy book...but it doesn't need to be.)

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