Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's All Happening!

No post and no journal today. Oh, no! Instead, there's three fab events over the next two weeks to tell you about that I don't want you to miss!

1. Gethyon's virtual tour. This has been going on since release day on the 3rd June, and will run until the 30th. I'm giving away a pretty green crystal pendant, available internationally. You can visit any of the following blogs to enter, and learn about the story, the characters, and even some weird facts about me. ;)

Tour Dates and Stops:
3rd June - Gethyon releases
4th June - interview on the To Be Read blog
7th June - character interview (Jinx) at Karen Y Bynum's blog
9th June - spotlight at Wicked Readings
15th June - book spotlight at Diane Burton's blog
16th June - guest post on the Siah-dhu at Maria Hammarblad's blog
17th June - interview at Jaleta Clegg's blog
18th June - guest post on Future Identification at Greta van der Rol's blog
19th June - guest post on Crystal Power at Backward
20th June - guest post on Naming at Sabrina Garie's blog
(21st - 25th SFR Brigade blog hop)
26th June - guest post on Tortured heroes at Cassandra Page's blog
27th June - guest post on Future Fashion at Bella Street's blog
28th June - To Be Read blog Book Spotlight
29th June - spotlight at Jessica E Subject's blog
30th June - guest post on Designing Spaceships at Diane Dooley's blog

2. The SFR Brigade's 2nd Midsummer blog hop is coming! This is running from the 21st to the 25th June (Pacific time), and the prize fund is truly astounding! Look!

1st Prize - $150 Amazon or B&N gift card (winner's choice) and an
ebook bundle (currently Ghost in the Machine, Bayne, Recast Book
1:Wither, Recast Book 2:Clash, Alien Adoration, Switched, Reckless
Rescue, Wreck of the Nebula Dream, Keir, Terms & Conditions Apply, The
Key, Marya, The Iron Admiral, The Plan, Starburst, Sasha’s Calling, Trouble at the Hotel
Baba Ghanoush, Winter in Paradise, Once Upon a Time in Space, the
Telomere trilogy, Winter Fusion, Blue Nebula, Demential, Wytchfire,
Maven, Fires of Justice, Interface, Girl under Glass, and Breakout.
Bonus books – Ghost Planet, The Iron Admiral: Conspiracy and
Deception, and Games of Command.)

2nd Prize - $50 Amazon or B&N gift card (winner's choice)

3rd Prizes - four $25 Amazon or B&N gift cards (given to separate
winners and their choice)

All the prizes are available internationally, and in addition many of the hosts will be offering individual prizes on their blog. Want to know more? Check out the event via Facebook or Goodreads. On the day of the hop, you can follow along from the main post on the SFR Brigade blog here (although this won't be live until the event starts).

3. The Tales from the SFR Brigade anthology is upcoming! I'm so excited! The nine science fiction romance stories will be a FREE read, releasing very shortly.

So much excitement!


In the meantime, there's a new review site - Zhurrat Reviews - that is focusing on space opera, SFR and fantasy (but strictly NO erotica). They would also like reviews of books in these criteria submitted to include on their site. Email them at zhurratreviews at gmail dot com.

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