Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pippa's Journal - Mission Success 3/2014

After a somewhat rocky start to the year, I half expected never to have any good news ever again (it was a major low point, I'll admit). But now, having had to sit on this news since Friday I can now announce...a new contract! Squee! My freaky NaNoWriMo story that had me tearing out my hair so much since November received a contract offer from Lycaon Press, the YA division of Breathless Press after they requested the full as part of their NaNoWriMo critique event. I'm stoked! (Is that the right US phrase?) Here in the UK I'd say chuffed. The contract is signed, but obviously I have no release date or anything as yet. I also have other good news...that I'm going to have to keep under wraps for now. I know, I'm sorry. Well, only a teeny, tiny bit, bwahahaa!

So while I'll basking in the glow, I thought I'd quickly share my stats on the writing front for this year--a few facts for the curious.

Word counts
New words for 2014 so far - 12096
Words edited for 2014 so far - 59011
Submissions made - 4
Rejections received - 4
Contracted - 1
Pending - 1

Current titles available - 4
Confirmed publications for 2014 - 2
Possible publications for 2014 - 2

As you can see from the list, as I mentioned at the start of the year it's all about editing the 100K+ written last year. I've edited five times as many words as I've written! And with two definite publications and two possibles (which would double my number of available titles to 8), I can already foresee much more editing ahead. The projects I had scheduled for this year may well have to be bumped over to 2015...and it's only March now. This puts me back to where I finished at the end of last year publication-wise, though with a slight change of titles. Instead of the winter scifi romance short, I'm releasing a cyberpunk, and I have a paranormal novella instead of a scifi romance.

So there you have it. Just a quick update and the promise of more good news to come. May your March be equally awesome!


  1. Fabulous job! I could use some of that luck....

  2. I think it's great that you keep track of your progress--and woohoo! What progress! Congrats on all the cool stuff happening now and yet to be revealed. 2014 came in like a lion... Sounds like its morphed into lamb mode for you!

  3. Thanks Eva - I'd try throwing some your way but I've had an equal amount of bad luck and I'd hate to get them mixed up. >.<
    Thanks Laurie - 2014 has kicked my butt then taken me back up into the clouds in just a couple of months! Slightly nervous about the rest of the year now. *eye twitches* :P


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