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Jurassic Pyramids?

There's a story that's all abuzz on the internet the last few days. Supposedly, a series of pyramids were discovered in Crimea, Ukraine. They are said to be the oldest on fact, they could date back to the Jurassic period!

You can Google "Jurassic pyramids" or "Crimean Pyramids" to see some of the various stories and videos or click the links below to read about this latest sensation. (And how cool that this story popped up just after Amy Riddle-DeClerck started an active discussion on ancient civilizations on the SFR Brigade discussion group.)

Apparently these pyramids were discovered in 1999, revealed to the world in 2002, more widely speculated on in the latter half of 2012 and jumped to viral sensation since March 1st. Odd that we haven't heard much of these Jurassic Pyramids before now.

Entrance leading to one of the Pyramids
The mysterious structures are said to be underground, buried under layers and layers of sediment, and were discovered by Ukrainian scientist Vitalti Gokh (sometimes spelled Goh) who was searching for water. According to Gokh, there is a shaft that leads directly to one of one pyramids. Gokh estimated the size of the structures as 45 meters in height and a length of about 72 meters. Accounts vary as to the number of pyramids, which is somewhere between 7 and 37.

Perhaps the story finally became of global interest now that there are reportedly a large number of Russian troops present in the area. A few sites are even asking if this is the real reason why Russia is focusing on this particular area of Crimea. Hmmm....

Some reports claim the pyramids give off energy at certain times--possibly presenting a new energy source that Russia would prefer the rest of the world not discover or exploit. The structures are said to be in the shape of the Egyptian pyramids (smooth-sided) but truncated at the top like the Mayan pyramids. (I haven't found a clear explanation of how the size, number or shape of the pyramids has been determined when they are buried.)

Reported Location of the Crimean Pyramids
Several recent articles--that seem to have originated from the same source--also claim that buried under one of the pyramids is "a small body in the form of a mummy, 1.3-1.4 meters long with a crown on his head." Supposedly Vitalti Gokh first revealed this in an interview with ICTV. The implication being that the body can't possibly be human when the pyramids date to an geological era long before humans and even most early mammals had evolved. There's also a mention of a structure that is sphinx-like with a resonance chamber, and at least one of the pyramids is underwater.

My gut feeling is that most of the information is probably a grossly exaggerated or greatly enhanced by speculation, but it is intriguing if these structures do exist in some form. If truly that old, they certainly weren't built by the dinosaurs.

So who or what built them?

Or could the dating methods possibly have been in error? Or entirely fictional.

Diagram of pyramid construction
from Coppens' site.
This article on the Crimean Pyramids by Phillip Coppens reads like a less sensational and more scientific approach to the facts. It states the Crimean Pyramids (or pyramid) were originally discovered in 1999 and later dated to about 12,000 to 14,000 years old by a team of scientists, before much more outrageous claims were put forth by Vitalti Gokh about them being built in the Jurassic with a purpose to channel galactic power beams to other smaller pyramid groups to stabilize the Earth's crystal core...more or less. [Click the link at the beginning of this paragraph if you want to get Coppens' take.]

(Okay now--Dingdingding! 14,000 years ago. Now we're talking. That's an era I'm actually researching.)

According to Coppens' article, the location of the pyramids amidst sediment and clay strata suggests they were buried by the effects of a massive flood, and this fits much more closely with the many legends of advanced civilizations in that early age that were destroyed in a cataclysm (such as Atlantis/Poseid or Lemuria/Mu...or possibly even a pre- or companion civilization to one or both.)

Here's one more speculative article that contains an accompanying video:

[Dig a little deeper, and you'll also find even sketchier stories and interviews about similar underground pyramids reportedly in Alaska and Antarctica.]

Whatever the true facts, this is wonderful fodder for the muse. Discovery is exciting. Speculation inspires. Even if the reports turn out to be completely false, the idea will linger on in my subconscious and may eventually weave its way into a story premise.

What do you think? Hoax? Exaggeration? Do your feelings about the reported "discovery" fall on the fascinating or ridiculous side of the equation? Do such revelations (whether true or fiction) inspire new ideas for you?



  1. I'm certainly skeptical until there's more evidence. If it pre-dates humanity, then the question has to be - who built it?! I hope we get to hear more about it soon, although sadly that seems unlikely.

  2. OOOOHH! I love stuff like this, though at heart I'm a skeptic. I think it's because I get all excited, then some scientist comes along to let the air out of my balloon with a perfectly reasonable explanation. Very cool, though.

  3. Ah yes, probably greatly exaggerated, but fiction writers can still take these ideas and run with them. Cowabunga, Dude! LOL


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