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Friday, November 21, 2014


This was a big week for my debut science fiction/suspense romance Unchained Memory.  On Tuesday, UM's beautiful cover was officially revealed for the first time on the USA Today Happy Ever After romance blog. 

The cover appeared with a blurb about the book and a short excerpt.  You can follow the link above to get all the goodies.  But here's the cover--just because we like to look at it!

Also this week, because there comes a time in every professional author's life when this needs to happen, I'm launching my official Facebook author page.  Yes, no longer will my writer friends (and potential readers) be subjected to photos of my adorable granddaughter (who just started walking, by the way!) and boring photos of my visit to Aunt Nellie in Waytoheckngone.  Now it will be all book stuff all the time!  I'll try to make it interesting, I promise!  Photos of my cat assistants!  Accounts of real alien abductions!  And shares of other people's books!  (See, THAT got your attention, didn't it, you writers out there!) 

You can Like me now at  

Cheers, Donna

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