Sunday, April 19, 2015

How Do You Like Us Now?

I'm blogging a little early this week to announce that Spacefreighters Lounge is transitioning to a new look, though that's probably pretty obvious if you're a frequent flyer.

Yup. Time to renovate!

Why? Well, the old color scheme and white-font-on-black treatment was dated and a bit hard on the eyes. We've had the same basic decor since becoming a joint blog several years ago. With the addition of Greta van der Rol to our little blog-o-lounge, it seemed high time to freshen up the paint and change out the tablecloths.

Though we'd like to keep an overall space lounge theme, we wanted to get away from all shadows and dark voids of the old blog. We're shooting for something more energetic and vibrant, something that reflects the creative energy that's usually crackling along the conduits here.

As part of the renovation, we've also swept away a lot of the outdated cobwebbery including old links, references, recommendations, images, and moldy research connections. Since we have our Research Lounge, we'll be posting relevant research info there going forward. And speaking of that...

Revisiting the Research Lounge 

We opened our Research Lounge to quite a bit of fanfare, but our scholarly backroom has since been all but forgotten. We're going to remedy that by adding to the menu of knowledge on a regular basis.

The Research Lounge is for writers and readers alike. If you read Sci-Fi or Sci-Fi Romance, chances are you have as much of a fascination with space and time and the universe as those of us who write futuristic stories. Feel free to grab a Billins and peruse the offerings. The entryway to the Research Lounge (okay, it's a tab) can be found above.

These were just added. Look for the *NEW!* tag.

Under Astronomy/Universe

How Far Away from Earth Will Humans Travel? A fascinating discussion piece from Aeon.

Moons and Dwarf Planets in our Solar System from Wikipedia

Under Starship Design

Atomic Rockets: Delta V and Other Subjects - A discussion of ship range capabilities

And a new section: Research by Our Authors

While we're writing our books, we often dig up some fascinating stuff that we then write blogs about. We'll share the links with you for easy reference.

So What Do YOU Think?

We're still tweaking the design so there may be even further changes in our redecorating. In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think.

How do you like us now?

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  1. This is much better! I totally approve of the purple too

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I'm kind of partial to the purple, too. Adds a nice bit of color and drama to the blues and blacks.

  2. My blog has a similar background so obviously yours is super!

  3. Yay! Everyone should know how hard you and Pippa worked on this, Laurie. It looks great! Much cleaner and more readable. I love it!

  4. You accomplished your goal. Looks very good.


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